Tower of Terror for one (and a pair of clean pants), please.

Last weekend I spent a few glorious days in sunny California, specifically Disneyland. The trip aligned perfectly between two of Michael’s really looooooong trips to Belgium, so the decision was easy to gift myself a few relaxing days away (without my children) when Casey asked if I wanted to accompany her on a conference trip.

Normally I would pass on such a “frivolous” weekend away with friends, but given our (my) current stressful situation of moving abroad and my husband current intense work calendar, a few day of respite sounded amazing and justified.

So I packed my bags and went to Disneyland, leaving my four kids behind in gloomy Indiana. (best. mom. ever.)

You guys, not to rub my good fortune in your face or anything, but it was nothing short of magical. We hopped parks till late in the evening, spent lazy afternoons lounging at the pool, and I think I read 3 books in a 72 hour period.

Sure, one hundred time over I wished my kids were with me to experience the sights and sounds only Walt Disney can create, and I promise I’ll bring them back someday (next stop, EuroDisney), but this particular adventure was just for me.

13894881464 866051da0f Tower of Terror for one (and a pair of clean pants), please.

One of the most unexpectedly awesome moments of the trip came at 7:15 am on Friday morning. The park does this thing called “extra magic hours” where only guests staying on property in a Disney hotel can visit the park. Basically, for one beautiful hour, the park is seemingly empty. And never wanting to miss an opportunity, I got up early and by myself and headed to the park to get on some of the good rides without having to wait in an epic line.

I bolted to The Tower of Terror, a ride that puts you in a haunted hotel elevator and plunges you to your death. Apparently I was the only one in all of California with that wake-up call.

You guys, the ride was empty. Like, I was the only non-worker in the whole tower (and can we discuss for a second how seriously the Tower of Terror employees take their jobs?). I mean, the ride is particularly creepy to begin with, but then couple that with being the only person on a ride that typically has up to a 90 minute wait, and I was about to mess my pants.

13894465835 43fdb42e1e Tower of Terror for one (and a pair of clean pants), please. Visual proof, don’t let the fake smile fool you, I was terrified.

When the ride finished up, the dude running it asked me if I wanted to stay strapped in, because he would be more than happy to just keep the ride running for as long as I want. Over and over again…

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Once was enough, and I got the picture to prove it.

no! sleep! till belgium!

During all four of my pregnancies, somewhere towards the beginning of the third trimester I started suffering from middle of the night panic/anxiety attacks and bouts with insomnia. I would be dog tired and head to bed right after tucking in the kids, around 8pm, watch a little netflix or read a book for an hour, and then attempt to sleep.

Sometimes I would fall asleep right away, only to be woken up around 2am, were I would lay in bed and worry about stuff and nothing in particular until Michael would hop in the shower around 6am.

Other times I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep at all, secretly hating my husband snoring next to me, who would fall asleep within 5 minutes of hitting the sheets (which, even on the most relaxing of days how is this even possible?). I would lay there wide awake until around 3am, praying to God to turn my brain off like a switch.

I always thought it was the pregnancy hormones keeping me up, but now I’m finding out it’s just me. Apparently I’m a pretty cool cucumber during the waking hours, but turn into a Nervous Nelly once the sun goes down.

Because you know what? It’s baaaaaaaaaaack. Same as it was before, thankfully with less Elton John and a whole lot more Zac Brown Band.

This 3 year trip has turned into my 5th pregnancy, complete with opposite nesting-syndrome and all. I’m currently in my 3rd trimester with this growing baby, and looking forward to birthing a beautiful waffle baby in less than three months.


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