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Cakes, Ears, and deep fried lattes…my carnie story |

Cakes, Ears, and deep fried lattes…my carnie story

I’m sure your all dying to find out how my night working as a fair carnie went. Hello! It was awesome and I think you all should do it if you get a chance! I learned so much last night, and have a new found appreciation for fair food and the people that make the fair happen.

This fuzzy pink little stand was my tiny piece of heaven last night. It was located right beside the cattle barn, pretty close to the first aid tent. I got to be the “window girl” for most the night. My job was to top the pastries with either cinnamon and sugar (elephant ears) or powdered sugar (funnel cakes), or whipped cream, chocolate sauce, maple syrup sauce, heath bar bits, and chocolate covered espresso beans (deep fried latte) and then take your money out of your little greasy hands.


After I take your money, I might just hand you one of these delicious little numbers. Here you have your standard funnel cake, with the standard amount of powdered sugar. You would not have BELIEVED how many people ask for “more topping”. Now watch your little piggy fingers, it’s fresh and HOT!
Here I am at my post, waving to all the fair-goers. See to my left the “deep fried latte” sign? Oh yes I did. Got to sell deep fried coffee, take that Starbucks!

Becoming a fair carnie for the night was really fun. The camaraderie in the trailer was great, the grease burns on my legs from the deep fryer will stay with me forever. The people watching was fantastic, I truly love all you cow-people with your big sliver belt buckles and overall jeans. I never knew making minimum wage could be so darn enjoyable, and I think I just might now need a tattoo of taz on my shoulder.

Will I ever eat an elephant ear again you ask? Possibly, it’s too early to tell. I did so well, and avoided getting fired, that I was offered to come back later in the week. Not sure if this momma can handle making elephant ears till midnight two nights in one week though, so we will see.

But a dream did come true last night…

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  1. Sarah @ Ordinary Days says:

    That is awesome. You rock!


  2. So, did you taste the fried latte? It might help you stay up for that 2nd shift they offered you!

    Congrats on fulfilling another dream.


  3. looking good in that trailer! looking forward to seeing ya’ll tomorrow!


  4. That is so great! Thanks for sharing your story about being a carnie for a day!!!!! Sounds like you had a pretty good time. What’s next on your list?



  5. Queen of Shake-Shake says:

    What is it with frying everything under the sun at carnivals?

    Love the motorized cart thing! People watching can be entertaining!


  6. Stam House says:

    The update on our ultrasound is up!!! thanks for leaving a comment!!

    Ps I will be back to read some more but nature is calling again!!! The joy is ultrasound and water LOL


  7. Sure looks like you had fun! Fried Latte? What will they think of next? And I thought fried Pepsi was weird!


  8. The Haffner Home says:

    While this is incredibly awesome and deserves its koo … I’m not entirely willing to call you a full on carnie until you work the rides and do some traveling. [Ah]


  9. I bet you were the most popular booth that night. How could you resist a funnel cake from that hot window worker?!?


  10. Renee Daniels says:

    That’s awesome! Looks like you had a blast. Gratz on a dream come true.


  11. a dream come true…how touching! I am so glad you enjoyed yourself. I thought about you all night.


  12. moosh in indy. says:

    DUDE. That’s the elephant cookie booth the moosh always makes us go to! Spent seven hours at the fair today with Mandy. Going again tomorrow and possibly the next day.
    I’ve caught fair fever.
    Oh baby.
    You’re stinkin’ awesome.


  13. Adventures of Bruce & Chris says:

    You looked like you had so much fun. That would be something I would want to do for a thrill also. Is it so much fun living out a dream job!


  14. Betsy De Jonge says:

    how do they deep fry liquid? i don’t get it… please enlighten me.

    looks pretty awesome though.


  15. Soooo the question is, did you smell like you sat in the deep fryer? I used to work in a bakery and always came home smelling like a donut.


  16. Smellyann says:

    Right there with you until you cracked on the fat people. Why do people still think that’s an acceptable demographic to insult? 🙁


  17. Anonymous says:

    great post. I so wish i lived in Indiana. I pretty sure we don’t even have a state fair here.


  18. anna mama says:

    deep fried lattes? Now that’s offensive. where do they come up with that junk?


  19. Excellent job! Youhave inspired me to learn to make cotton candy and snow cones at our annual agency picnic!


  20. Must Be Motherhood says:

    Patter had a few bites of a funnel cake at the fair last weekend and said, “It’s…it’s a donut!”

    I’m quite sure if he’d tasted YOUR funnel cakes he would have realized the artistry involved. 🙂


  21. Baby Clothes by Ambajam says:

    Those pics are awesome. I’ve never heard of a fried latte. I’ll have to seek one out the next time I’m at a fair.

    Stop by and enter our latest contest. All you have to do is make a guess. 🙂


  22. The Hess' says:

    So proud of you. Was there last night and actually DIDN’T eat an elephant ear…probably a first for me, but maybe that is a good thing. I did do some of your “people watching” as you call it and man you are right…there are ALOT of different types of people at the fair. Wow.


  23. grubb girls says:

    i want to hear more about this!! did you get free food on your shift…yum!



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