66 years today – 5 months ago

66 years ago today you were born

5 months ago you left us for a better place

To my Father-in-Law, our Papa –

Some days it feels like just yesterday that you left us. Other days it feels like it’s been forever. Today we celebrate you each in our own way. A favorite meal, a familiar a song played, and a long walk to a favorite destination.

All in tribute to a life well lived.

It’s crazy to think that as I compose this, there is a baby kicking inside of me that we never got a chance to tell you about. Come this November, you would have been a Papa for your 15th time over. I like to think that you already know about this.

We miss you, we love you.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Papa.




  1. thediaperdiaries says:

    Sorry for your loss. My grandparents all died in a 2 year span while I was in grad school so they never got to meet my hubby or my kids. It is odd that some 10 years later how much I still miss them. I take great comfort in the fact that they are enjoying their grandkids from the view of heaven 🙂


  2. Thinking of you guys today…


  3. brings tears to my eyes. Keeping your family in my prayers.


  4. i agree with jenna. my eyes are filled with tears. happy birthday mr. elling. thinking about you guys today…


  5. The Murray Crew says:

    My gut hurts…

    Hoping that God's strength and good memories carried you through the day.

    Big Hugs!


  6. BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) says:

    Hugs to you all. I know he's looking down from heaven and smiling.


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