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Are You Ready for Some Football? |

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Needless to say, we have a good reason to get excited.
The Capitol of ColtLand parties tonight!

What are you most excited about today?The actual game(I love me some men in tights)? A logical reason to eat things made out of Velveeta? The commercials? Or does the mere thought of football season finally coming to a close give you happy goosebumps all over?

I’m a little of all of the above.




  1. Flesworthy says:

    Gage is such a cutie!

    Having Indy in the Super Bowl is exciting, but honestly I'm not a big football fan (college basketball's more my thing). So I'm mainly fired up for the Stella in my fridge & the crockpot of Velveeta dip that I'll soon be cooking up. Go Colts (& cheese)!


  2. --It's Your Movie-- says:

    The game, the game! And yeah, the end of the season is nice. It's been a wonderful season but it's been super long. My husband can't even watch it with anyone else (he gets too nervous) so we stay home and watch it here with lots of food from Buca. GO COLTS GO COLTS GO COLTS!


  3. thediaperdiaries says:

    Commercials. But I love football in general so I hope it is a good game. I am leaning heavily towards Colts, but the Saints have never one and I do like an underdog.


  4. Nice job on the Colts onesie, so cute on Gage. I am excited for the potato leek pizza I am making, the potato skins that are cooking in the oven and mostly the end of pro football playing on my t.v. every Sunday!!

    Have fun with all the folks coming over tonight!


  5. Food. I don't actually watch the Superbowl or the commercials, but I like to eat.


  6. Chatty Cricket says:

    please tell me you made that onesie? HE IS DELICIOUS!!

    It's for the nachos. I watch because the football is on in the same room as the nachos. And you know the nachos are just a conduit for the sour cream. So, essentially I watch the Super Bowl so that I can shovel sour cream into my gaping maw with little to no judgment from others.

    Oh and the commercials. I like those too.


  7. Sluiter Nation says:

    Cort is jealous of Gage's shirt. He wants one in adult size. I'm just sayin'.


  8. Messy Mommy says:

    Not watching the game. Is that terrible? There's an award for you on my blog!


  9. Classy Fab Sarah says:

    Velveeta, for sure.

    And also the potential to see sweet little guys in Colts onesies. Too cute!


  10. OMG…Gage is the cutest little Colt I've ever seen!!


  11. Elaine A. says:

    He looks so cute – what a sweetie!

    I am glad for the season to end b/c it kinda consumes my hubs on the weekends.

    We live in the heart of Saints country now and went to a party last night with many who have been loyal fans for YEARS! It was so fun for us to watch them see their team win.

    I'm sorry for your Colts but it was still a great game!


  12. Adventures In Babywearing says:

    So, hope you all are ok after the game. Wish you could have been at Blissdom. Promise we'll make sure we all get together soon.



  13. AmazingGreis says:

    Love that picture. I'm so sad to see the football season end, but am ready for baseball.

    I love watching for the new commercials, but I also love watching a good football game. Luckily the game was great, you know, until the interception. I was rooting for the Colts all the way, because my Texans weren't there.


  14. gage is the cutest thing ive ever seen.


  15. Well, that is certainly an adorable photo! And I am so sorry about the game 🙁


  16. Love his shirt. If I recall correctly, you made it, right?

    We didn't watch the Super Bowl (gasp!), but – if I had – I might have decided to cheer for your team just because your little guy is so cute. 🙂


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