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Princess and the Pee |

Princess and the Pee

Know that feeling you get when you say something, and you know instantly by talking about it you’ve jinxed yourself?  Earlier this month when I told you Birdie was now diaper-free through the night was one of those occasions.  Her soggy bottom is back.

She still goes to bed without a pull-up on (because I refuse to regress back that far). Lately, more times than not, she wets the bed.  Here is the really gross part – she pees herself and just doesn’t care. She’s not embarrassed, mortified or shocked that she’s just wet herself. There is no shame (and I’m not going to shame her for it, it’s truly an accident). She’s just like: “oh look, I urinated on myself, carry on as you were….”

So between her nighttime wettings, and the 4am feeding for Gage, I’m getting a bit ragged around the edges.  But I’ve come up with another lazy momma time saving trick. (your going to want to remember this one)

Are you ready?

I’m layering Birdies bed with fresh multiple mattress pads and clean sheets!  There is nothing I hate worse than tracking down bedding and making a bed in the middle of the night.  Now, when the accident happends, I just strip off the wet and offensive bedding, and wala, the bed is made again!

See the above picture?  What you are looking at there is a sheet, mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, sheet, and mattress pad.  A whole weeks worth of bedding just waiting to be peed on.

Some might call me lazy, but I think it’s closer to brilliant.




  1. I wouldn't call it lazy. Because I do the same thing when the kids are sick. 🙂


  2. The mad woman behind the blog says:

    Truly brilliant. Going to have to invest in some water resistant mattress pads for the Mad soon enough. Gonna jot this one down.

    Thank ya for PSA!


  3. Coffee Please!?! says:

    i think you are brilliant too!! amazing idea. i thought i was smart by placing a new pad and sheet next to sweetarts crib (along with fresh jammies) … hopefully these nights will be gone soon for both of us! 🙂 have a great weekend!


  4. bessie.viola says:

    Definitely just brilliant. No one wants extra work in the middle of the night. I sheeted my daughter's crib that way in the early days because I was so convinced there would be midnight blowout/spitup emergencies. And you can bet I'll do it again when we're in this stage!


  5. Anonymous says:

    It is brillant! I was at a church meeting of all places and heard a similiar story to what you are dealing with. Guess what she did …and it worked… she cleaned the little babe's bottom with cold water (yes, cold–cold bath water). She was forced to take two cold baths and the problem was solved. I know, sounds harsh and even a bit cruel but if you continue to deal with this…it is just an idea I thought I would throw out there… (not sure if I would really try this one myself but hey…)


  6. Definitely brilliant, I'm filing this away in my "Great little tips to know" folder:-)


  7. I say BRILLIANT! And since I have a *newly* potty-trained 3 yr old, I'm going to tuck that tip away for future use in case we face regression! LOVE those sheets btw…where are they from? They are so cute I might make my boys sleep on flowers and hearts simply because I LOVE them.


  8. Marie Green says:

    That IS genius! And I think I mentioned this, but I have 2 out of three children still in night-time pullups. One, age 7, the other age 3. Also, the 3 yr old needs a pull up at nap time, too.

    What I've discovered by talking to other parents is that kids either magically stay dry- often right from the start- or they don't. I'm trying not to fret about my kids that are still wet at night. TRYING being the key word there.


  9. Stam House says:

    My lazy technique!!! I make our little one maker her own bed after she pee in it! She need to strip it down, put it in the washing machine after that in the dryer and then finally make it up again!

    She learn very quickly that their was "consequences" for peeing in bed LOL

    Ps she is turning 3 soon and we started that making your own bed thing about 6 month ago!


  10. shellycoulter says:

    SOLD. Just wrote extra waterproof mattress pad on the walmart list. Thanks!


  11. wow you make me laugh!
    i agree with Stam House!
    Maybe that would work.
    Can't say I have ever had to deal with wetting the bed with my daughter…. she just never did. and potty trained by age 2.


  12. C (Kid Things) says:

    I would have to say brilliant, too.


  13. Brilliant indeed! I just gave in and went back to pull-ups…


  14. Great idea, but I feel for Birdie and her bed wetting problem. As I am sure you can recall her Auntie having the same problem. Give her time and she will eventually learn. Hopefully it doesn't take her as it took me.


  15. Agree–brilliant! I did something similar with lap pads when Dean was a newbord, but hadn't thought of doing something like that for potty training! Thanks for the tip.


  16. Corinne says:

    I'm loving you for this idea!! How fantastic is that?
    I've been getting Fynn up and taking him to pee before we go to bed, and then putting him back to bed. That's helped quite a bit (but I've gotten stuck in his room laying down w/ him to get him back to sleep more than once… so definitely not a genius plan…)


  17. I think it's great. 🙂


  18. caitlin says:

    Definitely brilliant.


  19. Elaine A. says:

    I'm pretty sure my motto is becoming "Whatever works," which also applies here! Brilliant indeed!


  20. Ashley says:

    Seriously, doesn't sleep deprivation motivate you to get creative?! Love the idea you came up with.

    Thanks for your encouragement to write about what happens between the cute pictures as we live life and try to figure out parenting. I stayed up late last night blogging about just that, and am so thankful that I did. Grateful to you for the nudge! Have a great weekend…


  21. Upstatemomof3 says:

    Oh I think that is a great idea. 🙂 Potty training – day and nighttime – can be FULL of tricks that help immensely. I had to "bribe" my daughter by letting her wear dresses everyday to keep her from having accidents when she got too lazy to use the toilet (basically she gets one dress a day if she wets it she wears pants – which she does not want). 🙂


  22. Veronica Lee says:

    Brilliant for sure! Who wants extra work in the middle of the night?

    Happy Sunday!


  23. I don't know. That's a lot of extra laundry though. My niece is with us this weekend and I'm thankful for the pull ups ("nighttime panties") her mama sent with her. And, if she wakes up dry she gets a quarter!


  24. Jennifer says:

    I'm even lazier and do something like this in reverse. If Charlotte wets the bed, I put a towel down over the wet spot. It is an old beach towel that isn't super comfy, but keeps her from sleeping in her urine. plus, it is less to wash.


  25. Anonymous says:

    I'm on the BRILLIANT side of the fence. You have found a way to stay sane (as best as possible at least) and you are neither resisting or just tolerating the bed wetting you are just allowing it. And if Princess doesn't see you getting caught up in it, it should self-resolve. Don't you think? As we all know in the parenting world…this too shall pass.


  26. Still Life With Coffee says:

    totally brilliant and I adore that sweet picture of your daughter sleeping.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'm having fun getting to know your blog.


  27. moosh in indy. says:

    I'm on board with brilliant because I know you're not the type to leave the peed on piles on the floor.
    Otherwise? We would not be friends.
    Because your house would smell like pee.

    not how i roll.


  28. Vanessa says:

    Visiting from Metropolitan Mama. When we are ready to take the leap into no diapers at night, I am SO doing this. I've heard about it before, but have never done it! Yay! Going diaper free at night isn't as scary to think of now! 🙂


  29. Holly Mayer says:

    That is truly a great idea. We are having the same issue with our daughter. Completely potty trained in the day but 1/2 the nights are wet, mainly because she will take off her diaper while falling asleep then pee sometime around 3 am. I am going to go buy another set of sheets and mattress pad tomorrow.



  30. gleason_samantha says:

    That works but a trick that I used with my daughter was to use those old tacky plastic tablecloths. The urine doesn't go through them and you just have to wipe it down! She is now 4 and completely trained. What also worked is that if she wet the bed she doesn't get her morning cartoons when she wakes up when we are still asleep. She even does it still if she has a random accident!


  31. kanishk says:

    As I am sure you can recall her Auntie having the same problem. Give her time and she will eventually learn.
    free classified india


  32. Stephanie says:

    You should win some kind of award for this brilliance. Truly.

    I'm going to "copy" this when baby #2 starts potty training.

    Now if only mattress protectors weren't so expensive! Where did you get yours?


  33. Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne B. says:

    OMG… brilliant!

    I was up again at 3:30 to my baby girl crying, "Mommy, I peed again"

    Poor little thing.. breaks my heart so this would help a ton!!


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