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An open invitation to my Ugly Sweater party, next September. |

An open invitation to my Ugly Sweater party, next September.

As a child, I never understood why adults would wish away the holidays.  I mean?  Isn’t it the happiest time of the year?  A whole month that’s devoted to enjoying “the best time of the year”.

In my 8 year old little girl mind, it was all: Parties! Cookies! New Toys! Staying up late watching “specials”! No school! A perpetual sugar high for one month straight!

How could you wish that away?  I wanted the month to last forever.

But wow, today is the last day in November, and while I don’t wish December away, I must admit that my anxiety is in full swing. The ugly monster that lives in my throat is back.

I took a look at my calendar, I have plans every single fri/sat/sun through the first week of January, and many nights in between.  Don’t get me wrong, I really want to make magic of “Parties! Cookies! New Toys! Staying up late watching “specials”! No school!” that I remember as a child, happen for my kids. Because, it’s fun. I know.

But wow, thinking about all I need to get done is enough to make this momma need to bulk up on her medication.  And thinking about the bills in January? That Dave Ramsey guy would give me the stink eye and shake his head in disgust.

But when is enough, enough?  Where is the fine line between enjoyment and over doing it because your sanity just can’t handle another $15 gift exchange?

And really people?  I understand that it’s December, and the whole ‘Tis the Season thing comes into play.  But let’s spread out the fun a little. I purpose:

Cookie Exchanges in July!

Progressive Dinners in March!

Ugly Sweater parties in October!

Craft Fairs in February!

Work appreciation parties in April!

Sending out cards adorned with photos of your beautiful family in August!

Online free shipping deals in January!

Ugh. I don’t know. What do you think?  If I invited you to a Bill Cosby Ugly Sweater Party in September, would you come? I’ll supply all the pudding pops you can eat.

It’s rally time folks, let’s buck the system!

*this post today, has been sponsored by a stressed out 32 year old Scrooge who needs to curl up with her special wanky and take a long nap.  And also?  GET OFF MY LAWN!




  1. Just Hide the Dishes in the Dryer says:

    I have an ugly sweater and I’d love to eat a pudding pop while wearing it.

    Let’s have a party!!!


  2. LOL I love you so much! This is the best post I read today! Let have the festivities all years long, that is a very good concept! Less stress, less expenses and who would not love eating cookies all years round 🙂
    Renee Stam recently posted..brigning them together


  3. I’m right there with you, chica!! Stressed to the max about everything I was crazy enogh to take on…and budgets and surprise bills (annoying as heck)…general insanity is making me…well, insane! Is it over yet? No?

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the holidays and I LOVE doing this stuff…but I really have to learn to say no sometimes *G*

    And any party you’d throw I’d totally be there…ugly sweater party in September or Rain Puddle jumping in April. 😀
    Sarah recently posted..I did it…NaBloPoMo


  4. I’m going to be taking a nap before I come over tonight.

    It will really better for everyone involved.
    moosh in indy. recently and the blog


  5. I’m there. I started writing down things on the December calendar last night and it made my head spin. DECEMBER, who said it could be December already?! That being said if you need to opt out of Thursday just give a shout. 😉
    Cherie @ the Queen of Free recently posted..Thrifty Date Nights- A Great Date Night Package Give Away!


  6. we used to have an ugly sweater party every year in college and it was the best. time. ever. i will come to an ugly sweater party any time of year, and love the idea of spreading the cheer to some of the more neglected months. i think i’ve already promised something like 3 separate trips up to MI during december, so yeah…a little less to do this time of year would be nice.
    sarah w. recently posted..Happy Thanksgiving!


  7. OH I’M IN!
    Especially need to add some cheer into those months that DO NOT have a day off in them…(March…June…etc)
    Even if it’s a “virtual” ugly sweater party – I say you do it! We can all link up and put our pics on our blogs LOL
    I have seen some VERY UGLY SWEATERS!! 🙂
    I admit – I am MAJORLY freaked out that it’s December already…..(whoo whoo hee hee whoo whoo hee hee – breathing into the brown paper bag!!)


  8. I am SO there. I recieved the perfect sweater for the event last Christmas. 🙂
    Jen L. recently posted..Looks like we made it


  9. Come to Australia and celebrate Christmas in the sunshine with us. Snow is overrated. You won’t need your sweater and pudding pops are in season.


  10. It’s always a good time for cookies, and I love the idea of sending out a family-update card in August!
    nichole recently posted..That’s what she said she wanted


  11. We couldn’t handle the expense or stress of christmas cards last year, so we sent them out in March – “Spring Greetings!” with a family photo. No Christmas police (or anyone else for that matter) ever showed up at our door to arrest us. 🙂


  12. Pudding pops?? I am SO there!
    Eternal Lizdom recently posted..Amending That Christmas List


  13. Oh girl, you are singing my song! I like to have fun as much as the next girl but sometimes wish the holidays could be more relaxing and not so stressful.

    And I’m not sure I could come to your sweater party without a trip to Goodwill. All my sweaters are un-ugly. ;-P
    Elaine recently posted..Thanksgiving is evil


  14. Hey, I’m all for a cookie exchange in July. I feel like the odd man out, because for the first time in many years I’m not stressed out. It’s mainly because I started planning back in October and we cut way back this year – both on gifts and activities. I’ll let you know if it scarred the kids or not come January.
    Angie @ Just Like The Number recently posted..Fighting Over the Drumstick Of the Non-Turkey Variety


  15. I say we buck the system and skip half of it instead of spreading it out. Don’t do the Christmas cards if it isn’t your thing. Forget the ugly sweater swap. Do Christmas YOUR way. Christmas isn’t supposed to be so doggone stressful, and yet it always ends up being stressful anyway. But I am getting REALLY good at saying, “Nah. I’d rather not, thanks!” It is so freeing.

    My family and my inlaws have started making Thanksgiving the fancy dinner celebration (good thing I hosted both of the dinners this year-UGH!) and for Christmas and Christmas Eve dinner we keep it really casual. Tons of appetizer foods and just enjoying each other’s company. Picking names instead of trying to buy for every person in your family. Go ahead and buy some Christmas cookies instead of making everything from scratch if you don’t enjoy making them or don’t have the time. Know what I mean? Just do away with whatever isn’t Christmas to you.
    Of course there is always the stuff that HAS to be done, like all the Christmas plays and concerts and work Christmas parites and whatnot, but hopefully that isn’t TOO bad.

    Easier said than done though, I know. 😉 Hang in there!!!
    Kat recently posted..Puppy Love


  16. I agree! Spacing things out a bit would be lovely.

    In fact, I always try to bake cookies for friends every time of year EXCEPT Christmas.

    P.S. I’m not really a fan of gift exchanges.


  17. I agree! I’ve tried to talk our families into have Christmas in late January…after we can get all the decorations, gifts, etc. on sale for 50% off or more. No one seems to go for it though.


  18. I want to come to your ugly sweater party!! I’ll bring some 80’s fabulous hors d’oeuvres with me and wear my hair in a high side pony tail!! 🙂 It will be all the rage!!
    Tiffany recently posted..Humbled


  19. So, who do we petition to get a revised year-round calendar? Because I like yours much better than reality!

    Bring on the pudding pops in September!
    punkinmama recently posted..interview with a 3 1-2 year old


  20. I like your proposal. I actually try to minimize what I do this time of the year because I don’t want to get overloaded.
    Madeline recently posted..On The Sticks


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