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Even a grown woman sometimes needs her mommy |

Even a grown woman sometimes needs her mommy

I’ve gotten really good at putting on a show.  Acting like it’s totally fine that I don’t live close to family. Convincing myself that I’ve built a strong community of friends here in Indy that are “just as good as family”.

I’ll never deny it, I do have amazing friends. Friends I can call on for anything.  Friends I feel safe telling my darkest secrets too. Friends that will do anything for me, and I for them. Friends I could not live without.

But at the end of the day, no matter how awesome my friends are, sometimes I just need my mommy.

I’ll let you in on a secret.  My husband has been gone for almost 2 weeks (which has felt more like 2 years).  But alas, he’s flying the friendly skies as I type this, and will be home in a matter of hours. Thank you Jesus.

In his absence, my mom came down to help out for a few days.  While here, she amazingly took over and helped me get my lazy homemakers act together. She accomplished more in 3 days than I typically get done in a months time. For serious.

While here, she:

Read aloud stories

Played board games

Cooked dinners

Cleaned the kitchen (without calling me disgusting)

Babysat (and put to bed) my children (while I went to dinner with my friends)

Sorted and matched 3,945,837,837 pairs of socks

Ironed my husbands work shirts

Spot treated and vacuumed my (nasty) stairs

Dusted (even above the refrigerator)

Went shopping at Anthropologie with me (and helped me justify a new cardigan)

Repaired a huge rip in one of my sofas

Took my family out for pizza

Watched Desperate Housewives with me, after the kids were in bed

Cleaned my baseboards with something chemically delicious that smelled like pine

Deboned a turkey, and made fricassee

Didn’t judge me when my 3 year old threw an earth shattering tantrum

Rocked my *almost* one year old until he fell asleep

Drank wine with me, until way past my bedtime

Bathed my kids

Cleaned and organized my bathrooms

…and she did all of the above with the most willing heart.
Gramma Tulip

“gramma tulip”, take by Casey

She’s pretty amazing.  I need to spend more time with her. Maybe someday I’ll move back to Michigan.  Or just get her and my dad to take up residency in Indy.  Yeah, that sounds like a great idea.

*disclaimer: no gramma was harmed in the making of this post. I swear, the only thing I asked of her was to spend time with us.




  1. Love it. That’s what Grandma’s are for. Which seems crazy to us in the parenting stage, but think about the ends of the earth you would go to to take care of PK, Birdie and Gage’s kids some day. It all adds up. God’s creative and glorious like that.
    Mr. Blonde recently posted..First family of six photos!


  2. the title of this is so true, and it sounds like you’ve got one amazing mom. when my mom came to hang out during my husband’s latest conference far, far away she did similar stuff. i definitely cried after she left, which made me feel kind of ridiculous, but when you get a taste of family after moving away it can be hard to say goodbye. hope you all are doing well, and i’m glad you survived the time without your guy!
    sarah w. recently posted..House Hunt Update


  3. Wow! Can she come to my house?
    Taryn recently posted..Friday


  4. OK, your mom? (heh heh. Your mom.) Not at all old enough to be your mom. I’m not calling you old, mind you – I’m calling her HOLY HELL WHAT MOISTURIZER DO YOU USE BECAUSE I WANT TO BE YOU WHEN I GROW UP.

    That’s all I’m saying.


  5. That sounds so wonderful! And your mom? Gorgeous.
    nichole recently posted..And here’s what I’ve been reading


  6. We all need our moms some days!!! great post. i need my mom too.

    This comment is for your last post….Oh and the blog i read the most= yours. It is funny, sweet and always honest. Love it!


  7. First of all, your mom is GORGEOUS!! The girl in that picture looks allll of 25 years old. Hello, gorgeous.

    But I hear you on the mommy thing… amen. Mommies are the best.
    ClassyFabSarah recently posted..All I Want for Christmas is


  8. My mom comes down from MI and does the same thing! She’ll be here Tuesday-Sunday next week for the holiday … and I can hardly wait! She is my saving grace! When she is here, I feel like I have room to breathe. I wish I would have appreciated her this much when I was 15 …


  9. LOVE your post! So sweet. I feel the same about my mom, couldn’t live without her!


  10. Jennifer Jenkins says:

    Sounds like you two had a great time together! I CANNOT beleive that is a picture of your mom, she looks SO young!!! Awesome tribute to her visit.


  11. Aww, glad you had fun with your mommy! Sounds like it was time well spent! I bet she’s going to take a long nap now. Mom’s are the best! Maybe I need to move to get my mom to do that! LOL But then I wouldn’t have my last minute babysitter around either. I think our mom’s learned from the best mom ever!


  12. Wow, your mom did more in 3 days than I’ve done since becoming a mom! Amazing.

    And she’s beautiful! Just like you!
    punkinmama recently posted..6 years ago today


  13. what a sweet post!!!! I wish I had mine here to help me out today, I’m in a serious need of a nap!
    Renee Stam recently posted..Praise you in the storm


  14. I wrote a similar post yesterday.
    My husband has been on the road for almost 2 weeks, but my mom did not come to Oregon from Colorado to help me out.
    I wish she had.
    Thanks for letting me know I am not alone.
    Maybe next time I will call my mommy!


  15. Awe! What a sweet post–your mom sounds just amazing and I so happy she was able to come and help you out! 🙂 Praise God for awesome mommas!


  16. That’s so awesome.
    I’m thankful that you had this time with your mommy.

    Yet one more post of yours that somehow brought tears to my eyes.


  17. Mommy’s are the best! Glad she was there to help you out and make the time go by faster…

    I second everyones thoughts about her looking 25. She is beautiful!


  18. I just did one of my greatest pet peeves. I totally disregard grammar on my blog…but the unneeded apostrophe still drives me nuts! Sorry about that. I meant “mommys” 🙂 haha!
    Shelly Coulter recently posted..You Capture -What inspires me


  19. Wow, I’m jealous!! What an amazing mommy you have – and she is beautiful and looks SO young!!!


  20. No wonder you’re so pretty, Emily–look at your gorgeous mom!! SO glad you had her around to help out. Sounds like an awesome time. Would she like to come to Alabama? I’ll be my stairs are the grossest she’s ever seen.
    Jen L. recently posted..NaNaBloPop Hysteria Sets In


  21. i know how you feel. i live in IL and my mom lives in FL. she comes to visit once or twice a year. every time, i beg her to move back here and she laughs at me as though i’m joking. i’m so glad you got to spend time with your mom. it sounds like things got accomplished and you got a bit of a break (which was probably much needed).
    Brandi recently posted..The house that love built


  22. And she’s stylish too! Dang girl, you hit the “mother load” when it comes to Mothers!

    Mother’s really are THE best. 😀 So glad you got to spend time with her!
    Elaine recently posted..And So I Ran


  23. love that momma!


  24. Emily Tietema says:

    dude~i hope ur mom saw this…so true, i heart my mommy(:


  25. That is NOT your mom. She looks like your younger sister! And by younger than you, I mean she’s 18 since you look about 19.


  26. When my first 2 kids were born, we lived away from my parents. By the time #3 came along (and now #4), we’re one town away. And it’s not uncommon to hear me say: “If I’d known how great it was to have my mom around, Marshall could have lived in *insert town name* by himself for a few years until he finished residency. We never saw him anyway.” (I totally mean it.)
    Bridget recently posted..Classic and Classy Music Album Review


  27. what kind of water is it that our moms drink? My mom is supermom this way too! one of the HUGE reasons we have not started looking for work in Indy. I don’t think I could be that far away from my mom!
    Katie recently posted..And So…


  28. wow. i love my mom but she doesn’t do ANY of that stuff!

    okay… maybe a couple of those things, but not very often 😉

    btw, your mom is gorgeous. love that picture!
    MommyNamedApril recently posted..Happy Fourth Birthday Casey- and Thanks for Making Me a Mommy


  29. Your mom looks like she’s 30! Wow. I second what Becky said. She should do a guest blog post with “youthful skin” tips.

    Also, 2 weeks without your husband is a lot. I’m glad that he’s home now. I’m sure you let out a huge sigh of relief when he walked in the door.



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