Week 21 :: Ramblings and Babblings

In less than 48 hours, we have THE ULTRASOUND where we can find out the sex of this baby. I let you decide, and as it sits, 67% of you are screaming “Yes! Find out! You’re crazy if you don’t!” So, I guess we will find out Tuesday morning, or at least put the results into an envelop and try to figure out what to do with our secret.

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I’ve spent the afternoon browsing Pinterest, searching under “baby reveal party”. OMGEE, so many of creative ideas. Dude, Pinterest, it makes me feel tired and lazy. It’s where the beautiful and motivated people hang out.

Friday night I worked a booth at a local artist reception that centered around food. My booth was called How to Start a Supper Club, {or at least join one}. For the last 2 years, We’ve been part of a 10-ish family Supper Club that meets every Sunday night. I really should devote a post or two explaining it to you all. I love it and feel passionate about how it creates community within urban neighborhoods.

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Last night, thanks to Indiana Pork, we attended Rib America. This in and of itself isn’t mind blowing, we actually go almost every year. But this year? One of Michael’s favorite bands (from high school) was performing, Blind Melon. Ironically enough, we had to wait for a gigantic thunderstorm to pass through before we heard No Rain.

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If I had any foresight at all, I would have totally dresses Piper up as “the bee girl“. Because exploiting your kid at a rock concert? Is awesome.

And now, the rest of the weekend we’re just going to take easy breezy, hopefully packing in a whole lotta nothing into the next 24 hours.

I hope to watch at least 5 episodes of Mad Men (season 3) tomorrow.


But of course, if you’re bored, you can catch up on all the things I’ve rambled and babbled about this past week:

Zulily is having a labor day weekend sale. If you like to shop online, it’s a big deal.

It’s worth mentioning that I went to Rib America and didn’t eat a single bite of anything. Yes, I’m pregnant and hangry.

Oh, and I admitted to fantasizing about another man. Oh yes I did.

Do you ever worry about growing a family in front of the internet? I sometimes do.

Also? I love scarves. (see above bump photo for proof)


How about you? Up to anything fun?




  1. I am in complete shock. I had no idea Blind Melon was still around.
    C @ Kid Things recently posted..Marie Callender’s Frozen Lasagna


  2. I feel like you and I are long lost friends. I relate to almost everything you post, and found it especially exciting that I am not the only one with a bunch of monkeys that can still manage to sit down, shut everyone out (the best I can at least)and have a crazy Mad Men marathon! My husband and I managed to watch all 4 seasons in two weeks and just finished last week. So far, not enjoying the wait to Season 5! :)
    Tara recently posted..Old, but still just as funny as the day it happened…


  3. I just saw a bumble bee costume in one of the kids clothing stores and thought of Blind Melon. Maybe the costume is making a comeback? That would be awesome!
    Dawnie recently posted..Day 5 of Shamelessness


  4. BLIND MELON! Bee Girl!!

    You’re so stinkin’ cute! <3


  5. The Bee Girl thing takes me back to college, oh my goodness, I remember that cute little girl’s freckled face!!!

    Excited to hear more about your baby reveal party… And YAY for finding out! :D


  6. I want to hear more about this supper club!


  7. How exciting about your u/s! I wasn’t exciting about the big reveal; I just kind of told people. I wish I would have done the cute cake where you cut & let people see the color :)
    angela recently posted..Space for Sweaters?


  8. Um, love, love, LOVE Mad Men! Cannot believe I have to wait until March for the new season. We have watched the entire series again via Netflix and I only have 4 epis left and I’m holding onto them like forbidden fruit, trying to savor every last bite.


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