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It’s a rice cooker! But it makes eggs too!

So I feel almost ridiculous writing a “how-to” on making hard boiled eggs in a rice maker. I mean, it’s so easy, I should just post a one-liner on facebook or twitter. If I did, it would go something like this:

Eggs placed in top steaming basket above, 2 cups water below. 21 minutes to steam, prompt ice bath soak to follow. Chill & Enjoy.

(that was only 129 characters, I might add)

But what fun is a boring status update, when you can make a whole post out of it’s simplicity!

So let’s do this (for all you visual learners out there):

1. Haul out your trusty rice cooker. I have the Cuisinart 8-Cup Rice Cooker Its a rice cooker! But it makes eggs too!. It retails for around $100, but I got mine off Ebay for I think $35. Shop around, or add it to your Christmas list.

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2. Prop the steaming basket up. Now it’s ready for the raw eggs.

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3. Delicately place raw eggs in the basket. Return glass lid.

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4. Turn on rice cooker, set the timer to 21 minutes. Walk away.

6283396182 975bcf72c6 Its a rice cooker! But it makes eggs too!

5. After 21 minutes is up, carefully (hot! hot!) remove eggs.

6282869303 036cfef21c Its a rice cooker! But it makes eggs too!

6. Transfer to ice bath until chilled.

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7. Store in refrigerator.

I’m super particular about the eggs I buy. In my opinion, fresh eggs from small local farmers are far superior to the cheap ones you find at the grocery store. (I know, call me an egg snob, it’s ok)

Truth be told, the best egg candidate for hard boiling are eggs that are over 5 days old. Buy a dozen, let them hang in your refrigerator for a week, then boil them up. Trust me, they will be so much easier to peel.

Like I’ve said before, I make around a dozen hard boiled eggs every Sunday night to use for lunches/snack throughout the week.

Ok, enjoy your eggs!




  1. Great tips :-) eggs are always delicious!
    Renee recently posted..Fruitful vine


  2. I just boiled eggs today. You posted this 30min too late, I already cooked them on the stove. :) I will definitely try this for next time. Thanks!!


  3. so I don’t have a rice cooker, but I do have a steamer. think it would work the same?
    Katie recently posted..Easy Pumpkin Seeds


  4. So this rice cooker… is this something I should have?
    ClassyFabSarah recently posted..Thursday Tidbits


  5. Yeah for posting a non-rice Rice Cooker recipe! Thanks! I’m pretty sure a rice cooker is going on my Christmas list along with a toaster oven (any toaster oven tips out there???) And loved the picture per step. I am a visual learned so now I’m all set. :)


  6. we LOVE hardboiled eggs over in Sluiter Nation. And I buy eggs from a teacher who has a farm. $2 for a dozen and they are fresh the morning I get them. But yes, for hardboiling, we let them sit 5-6 days first. I don’t know why, but the shell is thicker and easier to peel that way.

    So a rice cooker, huh?

    Cort would kill me if I asked for another contraption. Or he would kill you. Since “ice cream maker” on my Xmas list is sort of your fault.
    Katie recently posted..the nitty gritty


  7. Won my bid for the rice cooker on Ebay. Didn’t get a fancy digital one – but it is one with a dial timer so I can set for my eggs (or whatever else I make). Got it for under $14 including shipping. Love Ebay!!!


  8. I luuurve hardboiled eggs! I’mmaboutta do this RIGHT NOW. Thanks for sharing your brilliance!
    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up recently posted..The, uh, Heart of it All.


  9. I’m a total egg snob too. It’s ok :) Thanks for the tips!
    Shannon McAvoy recently posted..What to do with all the candy CRAP!


  10. Love this idea! Unfortunately, my rice cooker is not so advanced (it’s been passed down from my mother-in-law) and doesn’t have a timer (just has a switch to flip to “cook”). Seemingly stupid question: Should I just flip it to cook and set my own timer for 21 minutes?


  11. I never would have thought of this, and I really like the idea. Thanks for sharing!


  12. Just trying this now – absolutely genius idea :)I have set the timer to 21 mins on the stove, as I don’t have a timer on my rice cooker – just a ‘cook’ switch. Will see which one wins.
    Lizzie recently posted..Bento Eye Candy! March/April 2012 edition


  13. I’m not sure what happened, but I just did this, and my eggs were just about raw when I took them out. Maybe my steam function isn’t hot enough, quick enough? I’m putting them back in for another 20 minutes, and I hope they aren’t ruined :-( Those were 9 local eggs.


  14. Felonious Monk says:

    Nice endorsement on the rice cooker. How much do you get proceeds?



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