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A (Super)Bowl of ice cream is just as good |

A (Super)Bowl of ice cream is just as good

It’s the week of the Super Bowl, and this year, it’s in my city of Indianapolis, less than 5 miles away from my front door.  It’s all anyone can talk about, if you live in the Circle City.

Since I’m a bucket list kind of girl, anytime I get a chance to do something out of the ordinary, I pounce on it.

Michael and I planned all last week that on Saturday we would take the kids downtown to visit the Super Bowl Village, and see the sights and lights.












*above image by Casey.

We plotted and planned. The kids were napped early and their bellies filled. We bundled everyone up in their warmest winter gear. Michael printed off a map of downtown, and we knew exactly where we wanted to go, and what we wanted to see. It was our “game time”.

Piper and Nola were excited, as were Michael and I. WE WERE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL! (ok, not really going to the Super Bowl, but when you’re seven years old, it’s about as good as it’s going to get).

But I forgot about one small detail. A detail that weighs about 8 pounds.

I have a two week old little baby.

And I’m horribly sleep deprived.

And I also have a two year old (amongst my 4 and 7 year old).

As we walked towards downtown, the miscalculation of my abilities hit me harder than the subzero windchill blowing in my face.

Me to Michael: “This feels overwhelming”.

Michael to Me: “We don’t have to do this, let’s not kill ourselves”.

Suddenly, the thought of walking around with 4 small children (one who was only 14 days old, strapped to my chest in a moby wrap), in freezing temperatures, with thousands of other crazy football fans, in the dark of the night, panicked me. Why did I think this would be fun? What was I thinking?

And just like that, we stop the stroller, turn the crew around, and head back to the car.

Piper, my seven year old, immediately starts to cry. We had obviously been hyping up the event all day about how cool it was going to be, and now we were heading home empty handed.

“Hey Piper, what if on the way home we pick up ice cream. And then when we get home, we watch a movie? We’ll even let you stay up past your bedtime.”

And that’s all it took. A Super(Bowl) of ice cream, in the flavor of her choice.

She was sold, and the evening was totally redeemed. Who needs the Super Bowl when you have ice cream in a stale green cone and a movie streamed off Netflix?

Friends, we’re a cumbersome and awkward group right now. Life at our house is moving slowly, and that’s not at all a bad thing. They say if you can parent 3 kids, adding a 4th is no big deal. I’m not buying into that advice just yet.













I’m scattered, I’m messy, and my act is nowhere near together like it should be. But you guys, days with a newborn you can’t get back. I’m enjoying each and every mundane moment of my life right now, even the disheveled and dirty parts.

Eating ice cream while snuggling my newborn? So much better than dumb football festivities (or so I’m convincing myself). And anyway, there’s always a next time the Super Bowl is hosted just a few miles from my house. Right?


I’m super excited to be partnering with Hallmark this year for its “Life Is A Special Occasion” campaign. It’s truly my honor to be able to tell you stories about my everyday special moments, and having them sponsored by Hallmark is like hot fudge on my vanilla sundae.




  1. Sarah Partain says:

    The Super Bowl is here and my kids are sick and I’m almost too pregnant to have fun. I’m considering dosing them up and going anyway!
    Good post and great reminder. I’m almost there and am starting to get anxious about having a newborn again. I need to be reminded to enjoy it or the stress of life and caring for the other two will take over. It’s just a season, right?!


  2. Icecream > Football. Always.

    And that little ditty about adding a 4th…it’s true. (Eventually.) Until then, forget all about the mess and the dirt and the stuffthathastobedonerightnow.
    Bridget recently posted..Shush.


  3. I remember those days, outings do get easier, planning is a necessity, a stocked “emergency diaper bag” in the vehicle is a must!! Those newborn moments of snuggling I miss and our youngest and last is now 17 months.. I beg them everyday to stop growing up, but they laugh and say they can’t! Remember this saying I found it on pinterest, it goes something like this.. sorry the house is a mess the children are busy making memories:) While a household of 4 or more does require some organization, it doesn’t require Military precision;) You got this!!


  4. I’m trying to gently hold my Super Bowl expectations instead of clutching them. We were going to go downtown today since it’s so beautiful but after getting little sleep last night and knowing I won’t get much tonight, the plan is on hold. I want so badly but such is life with a baby. Hope you get your chance and if not, eat some more ice cream for me.


  5. I don’t have a newborn and I’m not going to make it downtown. We’ve all had various flu bugs and now strep throat, so we plan on staying in the comforts of our home and watching all the coverage. Kudos to you for listening to your inner voice before it became too overwhelming.
    Jen recently posted..Inspirational Quotes


  6. I love reading your writing. 🙂 You are my hero btw… 🙂
    Shannon McAvoy recently posted..Jesus all around here! 😉


  7. Having 4 of my own, I wouldn’t necessarily describe it as “no biggie.” Yes, make friends with your inner voice. She’s cool. {{{hugs}}}
    Liz recently posted..Why, Yes, My Holiday Decorations Are STILL Up, I’m Still Waiting for a White Christmas, Okay?


  8. I’m glad y’all went with your guts. And I totally would have gone for the ice cream too!


  9. This sounds just like something I would do or probably have done. I don’t remember feeling this way with 3 kids but with 4 I (often) have slight panic and think “WHAT were we thinking?” but more often I remember “OMG this is the best”.

    I’ll be there Sunday! I hope it’s not crazy of us to be there, even withOUT kids!



  10. Blah, who cares about the Superbowl, you’ve got a squishy, tiny perfect baby.

    All The Hype Everywhere makes me think that I’m SO missing out because I have such a rough work week that I just can’t get away… but on the other hands, crowds. Ick.


  11. I loved this! This is exactly why I am glad that when I make huge plans in the sky and am gung-ho to do stuff, that my hubby is so chill to remind me of the simpler stuff.


  12. Man you are wise….good decision! I cant imagine braving it with a 2 week old!

    And like I said, Im pretty sure that those who say adding a 4th isnt much are NOT including newborn seasons!



  13. I told you to discuss going downtown with me first for a reason. Looks like you heard me loud and clear.

    It’s no place for babies down there, tiny ones or anywhere in between.
    moosh in indy. recently posted..WHY WE USE LENS FILTERS


  14. It *will* get easier, but I agree… those people who say 3 is the same as 4 are full of bunk. Adding our 4th rocked my world. She’s now 2 1/2 and although terrible, it is getting a little bit easier.

    We had a similar experience when I was supposed to do a brand sponsored event when my baby was 9 days old. It takes awhile for our brains to handle the adjustment, but 4 kiddos is another great excuse to slow down.
    Kristen recently posted..Man Pleasing Baked Brie {Recipe: Baked Brie with Caramelized Onions}


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  16. The thought of doing anything like that with a two year old is scary 😀 Fair play 😀 We dont have the super bowl over in the UK though 😀


  17. Days out get easier and more fun, so I am told :-\
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  1. […] As part of a series sponsored by Hallmark, we’ll be posting monthly about the idea that beyond birthdays, Valentine’s day, and Christmas, everyday life is a special occasion, worth recording and reflecting on. Like it? Here’s another take from DesignHerMomma. […]

  2. […] As part of a series sponsored by Hallmark, we’ll be posting monthly about the idea that beyond birthdays, Valentine’s day, and Christmas, everyday life is a special occasion, worth recording and reflecting on. Like it? Here’s another take from DesignHerMomma. […]

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