Not bummer summer begins now

10 months ago, she left the house excited for the first day of 1st grade.

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Today she catapulted herself high-ish into a tree, because 1st grade was soooooo a few hours ago.

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I’m freakishly excited to be on summer break. To have more flexibility in the schedule, not have to get the little boys up from naps early every day to go to afternoon pickup.

Heck, not having to drag four tired bodies out of the house at 7:40am every morning makes my heart skip a beat with excitement. Not to mention, I’m pretty excited to have Piper home during the day as well. She’s a pretty great kid.

To celebrate, we went to oogu latte (as we call it ’round these parts) and I let Piper completely self-serve herself all the fro-yo she wanted. I made a conscious decision not to deceptively steer her towards the sugar free flavors, or tell her how yummy those (light as a feather, .47cents an ounce adds up quickly) cute little marshmallows and sprinkles looked.

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Except, she still went right for the marshmallows and sprinkles anyway. That and a few blueberries too.

We have 8 glorious weeks ahead of us before the educational rat races starts all over again.

Want to hear something super scary? My little Nola Bird will be heading to kindergarten come August. Ho boy, I need these next few weeks to go slowly.

I’m not sure I’m ready for all this growing up and stuff.




  1. I’m going to have 2 in school come Fall too so I’m TOTALLY taking in the break. Enjoy your Summer with all your sweeties! :)


  2. I almost can’t believe how great our summer has been so far. (we’ve been out a month already) Not interrupting naptime for pickup has changed our lives! (no lie)
    Bridget recently posted..Wrapping My Head Around Homeschool


  3. Angie Mullins says:

    Enjoy your summer Emily! I thought your kids went year round?! My memory must be slipping! Two in school in the fall?! You’ll love it even though you’ll miss Nola. It will be so good for your boys, especially Gage. I say that only to remind myself that I had a hard time sending Lainey off even at the very end of the year because she was such a young kindergartener….off to first grade in the fall and probably signing Char up for 3 year old preschool in the winter for next fall?! How is that possible?!
    Hope all is well in Indy. So bummed that I won’t be seeing you guys this summer. Is the weekend still set for July?


  4. Wow, she’s just now getting out? Brownsburg got out on May 18, so mine is in her 4th week of camp. But we changed to a balanced calendar now, so we go back Aug 1.


  5. CRAZY how time flies and how fast our kiddos grow!
    Shannon McAvoy recently posted..she didn’t want to leave!


    Melanie Reed Reply:

    @Shannon McAvoy, That is so true Shannon. I have seen mine change a lot since she joined first grade, but good thing is that I am loving the change.
    Melanie Reed recently


  6. I know! I love having all my kiddos with me instead of at school. I am hanging on to summer for dear life. I will have one in 4th, one in 2nd, one in kindergarten, and one in 3k. I’m seriously torn up about it. STAY SUMMER!!!


  7. My daughter is so excited for the summer too! Next school year she will be in school now. And I know she’s already ready to take another step..
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