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Somebody is always sleeping. But it’s rarely me. |

Somebody is always sleeping. But it’s rarely me.

I realized a few months ago that I rarely leave the house, because someone is always sleeping. And by someone, I mean people other than myself.

Everyone in the house wakes up around 6:30 am.

Paul is back down for nap around 9am, and sleeps till 11am.

Gage goes down at 12 noon, and (crossing my fingers) sleeps until 3 pm.

Piper and Nola typically turn into bitty monsters disguised in dirty princess costumes around 3 pm, and have quite time until 4:30 pm.

Somewhere in that mess, Paul takes a second nap. Usually around 2:30, and then wakes up with Gage pounces on him while he unsuspectingly snoozes in the crib.

We eat dinner around 5:30 pm, watch Wheel of Fortune at 7pm, and everyone (again, me excluded) is back in bed around 7:30pm-8pm.

Sounds like a whole lotta sleepin’ going on, doesn’t it? But really, it doesn’t feel like it, because it’s really only 25% of my kids sleeping at one time. I still have the other 75% to entertain.


But rarely does anybody sleep through the night. Instead, all four of them take shifts torturing me. On any given night, most of them sleep, most of the time. But someone is always up. I think they like to take shifts torturing me.

Last night I had a horrible Elton John earworm that kept me up past midnight. Paul was then up at 1:30am, 4am, and 5:45am to nurse.

Gage came in my bedroom around 6:30 am, asking me if I would open a bottle of Gatorade for him. Because, naturally.

I remember back when I was in college I would do everything in my power to avoid the 8am class, even the 9:10am class. My rational was that nothing good ever happened between the hours of 2am and 10am.

I was so naive to what my future held.

I think about the way I function from day to day, and wonder what kind of person I would be if I actually slept like a normal human being. Would I look younger? Would I be happier? Would I feel physically and emotionally stronger? I bet I’d be nicer.

About eight months ago, I won the most amazing bed the internet could ever giveaway because of this video. I look at my king size mattress, sitting on her fancy ergo adjustable base, wondering what it would be like to actually sleep for more than an hour at a crack.

But until then, I’ll let other people use it.


Looks pretty comfortable.

I tell myself daily that sleep is dumb. I mean really, things could be way worse. I could live in a world without coffee and Diet Coke or something.

I have perspective.

*I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All the opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Sarah Partain says:

    Livin’ the dream!! Last night as I was trying to put Levi to sleep, and Flannery was awake, I downward spiraled, in my mind about everything and nothing, thinking I was coming into depression. I just realized that I was so stinking tired, with Levi waking up all through the night. It will end, eventually–that’s what I keep telling myself!


  2. Ahh.. I’m tired for you.


  3. my earworm last night was a yo gabba gabba song. it stuck around until this morning. i think i’d have rather had elton john.

    my night wakings consist of a combination of a dog that i haven’t had the balls to kick out of the bed, random spinning thoughts, the impossibility of getting comfortable at 8 mo pregnant, and a toddler who occasionally wakes when he either wants water, or has noticed that a stuffed animal has fallen off onto the floor.

    so frustrating feeling tired to the point of ill during the day, only to realize that it’s going to get WORSE when we introduce a newborn into the mix.


  4. I finally within the last year started being able to sleep through the night after almost 6 years of being up at least once every night. That is just a sad sad thought.
    But yea, our babies are worth it 🙂


  5. I totally think kids take shifts. When Lucas finally started sleeping through the night, Cami or Alaina would wake up with a nightmare or feeling sick. It was like it would never end.


  6. Oh my, are you sure I didn’t write this post? Except, you know, with half the amount of kids!

    Jace up at 11pm and 1am and 4:30 to nurse.
    Maizey up from 2-3:30 because shes scared.
    Everyone up at 6:15.


    Hang in there. I’m told it ends eventually. Please tell me this is true?!!!


    AMY Reply:

    @AMY, p.s I like to say my kids flip a coin to decide who take which torture shifts. Jerks.


  7. I just watched that video again- Cracks me up every time!!!



  8. Leonardo Garrett says:

    I think your king size mattress is very comfortable. So, every time any one want to sleep on that mattress. Really its a very interesting article. Also i want to get the ZzzQuil Sleep Aid. Thanks for your shared downloadable coupon link.
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  9. Eddie is up more than Charlie these days. What is up with THAT noise?

    Also? Paul and Michael have the same squishy sleep lips. that is cute.


  10. I think the best birth control ever would be to give teenagers a couple of nights with an assortment of kids under 7.

    I didn’t handle the no-sleeping stuff well, which is selfishly a huge reason we only have 2 kids. It seriously made me psychotic, and even today I need at least 8 consecutive hours. If I go a few days with less I get headaches that won’t stop until I sleep.

    I promise it gets better. This morning we all slept until 9. And yes, I’m nicer, peppier, and better-looking these days. You will sleep again. Until then, Diet Coke cheers to you!



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