winner, winner, it’s phish for birthday dinner.

I’m past my prime when it comes to attending Phish concerts. I mean, it was cool 10-15 years ago when my only responsibility was remembering to feed the cat and buy frozen burritos for dinner, but those days are long gone.

My husband disagrees. It’s also worth noting that he also doesn’t get up thought the night to breastfeed infants.

So every couple of years, we go see Phish. We pretend we’re in our early 20’s for about six hours, and then come home and assume our real life as tired and ragged parents who stayed up past their bedtime.

Have I ever mentioned that I spend a lot of time on the internet? I blame the lack of cable tv.

And I like to enter online contests. I’m not a crazy contest lady or anything, but if I see a fun contest giving away something I can use, I’ll throw my name in the hat! And I’m kinda lucky. Not to jinx myself or anything, but last week I won a point-n-shoot camera from Loulou’s views, and a pair of tickets to see The Head and the Heart from Sun King Brewery. Oh, and I also won a pair of tickets to a Phish show from Naptown Buzz.

Not only did I win 2 tickets to a Phish show, it was the show that just happened to be on Michael’s 33rd birthday.

Clearly, the night was meant to be.

I was excited to played the role of the good wife, jumping at the chance to stand in a dusty and dry field on a 100 degree night with 20,000 other people that probably haven’t showed in good week or so.

I wore the most lightweight sun dress I owned (which I would eventually pee on by accident, since I refuse to use porta potties), and threw on my favorite incognito ball cap over my bad hair day.

And then I drank my half of a tasty six-pack.

Happy birthday dear husband. Let's stand in a blowdryer, and listen to some #phish.

And then I live tweeted the concert, because what else is a girl to do?

Proudly, I knew *almost* every song by heart.

The next day I denied that any of it happened. Because obviously.

I must admit, I had a great time, and I’m so glad I won those tickets.


Heck, if Phish comes to town next summer, I might just go ahead and buy tickets on purpose. Anyone want to come with us?

*it’s worth mentioning that I saw a ton of kids at the show. While I think this is a romantic idea, the logistics of it baffle me. I wrote about it on babble yesterday, and the discussion is interesting. I would love to hear your opinion on the subject.




  1. I love Phish as you know (an Head and the Heart!) but think there’s no way I can be responsible for anyone other than myself at the show- I had briefly considered taking Ivy for fun last year but then came to my senses and personally just didn’t think it was anywhere near wise to do so.



  2. I probably shouldn’t tell you that I don’t know the name of a single Phish song. I’m sure I could identify one if I heard it, but I must have missed that wagon somewhere in NE Indiana…


  3. Cort and I were eagerly following your tweets last night.

    also? kids at a concert? no way. contact buzzes are NOT for babies.


  4. We do the same thing for Jimmy Buffett. 😉 Comerica Park thisyear! 😉


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