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because every cat needs a dress

She spent the last hour and a half designing Peggy a new dress. Complete with a opening for the tail and everything.

She took the measurements, marked out a pattern, cut to precisions, and hand sewed the garment to perfection.

Two alterations later, the designer is ecstatic and over-joyed, and the customer won’t come out of hiding.

Screen shot 2012 07 29 at 2.33.47 PM because every cat needs a dress

Make your own assumptions.

Also, Piper asked me if I could blog this for her. So of course.

Because, obviously.

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  1. I just have to say that Peggy looks like a model flaunting her haute couture, getting ready to hit the runway! Werq it! :) Too cute!


  2. there is just a WHOLE LOT of awesome going on here.


  3. Susan Alberda says:

    I just love that girl. So, so much.


  4. your cat looks totally pissed off. like “how could you let her do this to me?”

    and i love it. :)


  5. Sarah G says:

    Way to go Piper. Also we have two male cats that are wanting clothes.


  6. Can I please say that it’s absolutely purrr-fect?? :)



  7. In fifteen years she’s going to be on Project Runway, talking to Tim Gunn, and preparing for New York fashion week. And I’m going to say I knew her when she designed for unwilling felines.


  8. LOVE it. Like most great fashion, though, it looks a little problematic for the litter box.


  9. Wow Piper! I am impressed. Smokes wants one for Christmas! Are you taking orders? :)


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