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five is always five

When I was your age, I loved playing with cabbage patch dolls, barbies, and painting rocks I would find in the backyard. I would play outside for hours, building “forts” and playing “house” in the woods, with my sisters and our pretend babies. My favorite thing to watch on TV was Jem and the Holograms, The Littles, Rainbow Brite, and DuckTails.

Nola, you really don’t know much about cabbage patch dolls (which I need to rectify ASAP), but your new girl Kit that grandma just gave you goes everywhere with you. You love barbies just about as much as I did, and you think building a fort under the picnic table in the backyard is the single most amazing and frustrating activity ever. Your favorite shows include My Little Pony, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Johnny Test.

When I was five years old, I loved braids in my hair adorned with big bows, and so do you. I loved getting into the bin of dress-up clothes and pretending to be a “foxy” lady, an endearing term I pick up from your grandpa, because he called your grandma “foxy” all the time (it was the 1980′s, at least).

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In 28 years, everything and nothing has changed when it comes to being a five year old girl.

You and I, we are so much alike.

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When I was five, I was a skinny little light as a feather birdie girl just like you are.

My mom didn’t know why I wasn’t gaining weight like all the other five year olds. I was the smallest kid in the class by a long shot, and  I’m assuming you will be when you start kindergarten in three weeks.

In fact, clearly remember being under strict orders from my mom to bring my lunch tray up to the teacher to show her I ate all my food (talk about humiliation). And while I mostly promise to never do that to you, if you want to know a little pro tip: stuff what you don’t want to eat in the milk carton. The teacher will never check the inside of the milk carton.

It’s ok to be tiny. You are perfect just the way you are.

Nola, you are lovely, feisty, and I’m so glad I get to call you mine. I remember five being a really great time in my life, and I think you’ll find it pretty great yourself.

Cheers to turning five!

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Again, everything and nothing continues to change.


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  1. So sweet, things stay much the same, thank goodness. ;) She looks so much like you!!


  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet Nola. Love this post! :)


  3. Trish S. says:

    Love this post! And, love G. in that picture. Priceless, and good blackmail someday!


  4. Awww…Have fun celebrating your girl! I didn’t know our kids were almost twins! My Eli turns five on Monday! Its crazy! Love this post and your throwback picture. I need to scan some oldies of Matt and I. Have a fun day!


    Emily Reply:

    Happy early birthday to Eli!


  5. this post is so sweet. what a little beauty you have there!


  6. Happy fifth birthday, Nola. Five is great year. It’s a whole hand!


  7. Happy Birthday, Nola!


  8. So, so awesome. What a great post. And I love that you share your hiding spot (I used to do that with the milk carton too, but mostly because I felt badly about not eating something- “there are starving children in Africa!”) with her. Now that is a good mama. :)
    Happy Birthday to your darling 5 year old!


    Emily Reply:

    it’s one of my earlier memories. Probably not what my mom had in mind…


  9. Love this! Five is kind of special, isn’t it? I remember being five. I was geeked for meg to turn five. I’m not sure I’m going to let the boy turn five though. Good thing I’ve got 11months to get used to the idea.

    I hope your girl has GREAT year of being five. Such good times!


  10. Cheers to sweet Nola and the wonder of being five!


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