never play dead

Sometimes life can be kinda rough. Really rough.

And sometimes you find yourself obliviously plucking along at your everyday life, when something that you have no control of, or didn’t even think was possible, slams you in the face.

You need to make a decision. You can roll over and play dead, or you can decide to get up and fight for what you believe is right, knowing you deserve better.

Last week, my family got knocked down. I’ve decided to NOT PLAY DEAD.

It’s been stress filled week, and my anxiety cup runneth over. But I’m not in it alone, I have amazing friends.

Casey is one of my best, and so is Shireen. I love these girls fiercely.

Next week, Casey and I (and Shireen) will be heading to NYC for a conference.

If I’ve learned anything from these two girls, it’s to never play dead. Shireen’s been through a rough (to say the least) two years. She’s never once allowed herself to give up.

We (Casey and I) entered her in a little contest. The prize is pretty much perfect for her.

Here is our official entry. And here is our official video (that Casey put together):

Shireen, cheers to never playing dead.

In writing this post, I’m entering into the Microsoft Windows Style Makeover Sweepstakes for a chance to win a head to toe makeover. (For Shireen.)





  1. I’m getting that on a poster or something.
    “Cheers to Shireen never playing dead.”


    moosh in indy. Reply:

    @moosh in indy., Cheers to never playing dead. Whatever. SHE’D BETTER WIN!


  2. Sometimes it can be so much easier to just play dead. But to actually face your fears, stand up for your beliefs, and do something – that takes guts, and courage. xoxo


  3. Oh my gosh I love this!! It is the best I’ve seen so far and for a wonderful person!!


  4. *sigh* I love you both so much.


  5. BOOM.

    That is all there is to say. Just a big BOOM! Shireen better win.


  6. Such great friends. Such great people.
    (which, I of course, only know through your blogs, but still…)
    So thoughtful.
    Love this.


  7. Here’s to never playing dead, even if your life choices look ridiculous.
    Megan N. recently posted..Serving as a warning to those that follow…


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