Open wide (and then spit it back out)

You guys, Paul has started eating “real food”. It’s freakin’ awesome and completely hilarious.

This is my second favorite baby milestone. My first favorite milestone will be sleeping though the night. But, *ahem*, he hasn’t hit that one yet.

Casey and Shireen were over for dinner (something we’ve started doing every Tuesday) for his very first meal. So of course, his first ever bite was captured. On the menu? Sweet potatoes!











My favorite thing ever is that he winces and dry heaves after almost every spoonful, but goes back for more time and time again.




















Since his first meal of sweet taters, he’s tried mashed avocado, mashed banana and pureed prunes.

And he’s increased his tub time by approximately 100%.




















He hasn’t pooped in two day, but I can tell it’s brewing.

I’m assuming he’s waiting for the 4th of July, a little fireworks of his own. Paul’s big, dirty, Independence Day grande finale!











Man, babies.

This is fun stuff.




  1. gaaaaaaah I love him I love him I love him!
    heather… recently posted..Far Along


  2. Babies in bumbos are one of my favorite things. Like ever. Second only to babies in bumbos with food on their face.


  3. HAHAHA!!! That is so awesome! I love the pictures. Perfect!
    Here’s hoping he gives you some extra “fireworks” for the 4th. 😉


  4. Paul makes the best first meal faces of all time.

    also? I make those faces when I eat sweet taters too.


  5. Oh, the faces! Love it!


  6. THAT FACE!! Omg, i just died.


  7. ha ha ha! that last one is classic….you can tell he was just through with a major gagging fit! Love this!


  8. Does he do that little shiver, as if his nervous system was in complete shock, whenever he tries something new? I love that little shiver.


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