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The beach is for babies. Other babies.

7514005530 b50ca64494 The beach is for babies. Other babies.

Cousin Parker: Hey Paul, the water is fantastic today! Let’s swim ALL DAY LONG! Because this is so much fun, OMGEEEEEE.

Paul: I am a Hoosier. We only have drought-like conditions in the summer, and no natural bodies of water for miles. This wet stuff scares me, and I would rather not go near it.

Also, I (Paul) haven’t pooped in six days. Leave me alone. And I’m sick of eating prunes and everyone discussing my bathroom habits.

*Paul suffered through his first day at the beach yesterday. If you want to read more, I blogged about it over at Babble, but this photo pretty much sums it up.




  1. Poor Paul. Mean parents making him learn to embrace his West Michigan roots… ;)


  2. dude. i am sorry for what will happen after the poop strike is over.

    I hope you have rain gear.


  3. Of course, I have to throw out there a “natural” remedy to help the little man go about his poop business. You can mix 1/2 tsp unsulphured, blackstrap molasses (available at most grocery and health food stores) to a few ounce of water and have him drink it. The molasses has a bit of magnesium in it and it will help to get him moving. Have always done it with my kids and it always works. :)


  4. Exact same thing happened to my little one when we started food, but the culprit was rice cereal. The only thing that helped was putting the tip of a thermometer inside his bum-hole for about a minute at diaper changes. It gets the muscles contracting and helps them go, but don’t worry it doesn’t hurt! It only goes in1/4-1/2 inch and just hold it there. Sounds gross but it’s the only way he’d go for a few days.
    Hope he’s “regular” soon!
    Kelly recently posted..Doing the hibbity dibbity


  5. That was Vivi at the pool yesterday.
    Babies, sheesh.


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