Thrifting haul: the pretty, the windmill whimsy, and the pyrex edition.

I’m slowly getting my thrifting grove back. I took a long shopping hiatus after Paul was born, but yard sale season has refreshed my need to hunt out treasures, fill all my spaces.

I’m not back in full junky force by any means, but I probably hit up one or two salvage stores a week, and stop at the occasional yard sale I happen drive up on by accident. This week, I found just a few treasure I love.

And I must share:
7468023508 936c9fb912 Thrifting haul: the pretty, the windmill whimsy, and the pyrex edition.

On Friday, as I was coming home from getting groceries I drove past a yard sale that didn’t look promising at all. And in fact, I was completely right, everything there clutter and garbage.

Except for this set of vintage nesting bowls.

The woman there said she received them as a wedding gift in 1953. She sold them to me for $5.

I’ve done some research (because that’s what I do, I come home and immediately google my haul), and know that there is a green bowl that completes the set. I’ve found the green beauty on Etsy, selling for $12 (with $12 shipping), and I’m so very tempted to splurge and complete my set.

What do you think? Should I do it? (complete sets are selling for upwards of $90, and I would have $29 into mine).

Next up, I found this very adorable and whimsical windmill.

7483183190 00ee80b6e6 Thrifting haul: the pretty, the windmill whimsy, and the pyrex edition.

The cool thing about this, is that I found it here in Indianapolis, but it’s from my hometown of Holland, Michigan! When I showed it to Michael, he said he could see it sitting on a shelf in someones lake house. I bet he’s right. If you’re local to the Indy area, I picked this piece up a the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace.

Last up, I rescued these little gems out of a dollar bin from a antique shop in Northern Michigan, last weekend.

7486944064 58f2d6b5a5 Thrifting haul: the pretty, the windmill whimsy, and the pyrex edition.

A hand strung crystal necklace, and bright red clip on earrings. Someone bring me some place fancy so I can wear them?

Have you found anything good lately? As much as I love finding stuff myself, I love to hear a good story. Do share.

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  1. I would totally splurge on the green bowl!! That set is begging to be complete and at only $30 in for the full set, I’d totally do it. I bought our mixing bowls at an antique shop b/c they matched the ones my Mom had & i grew up with. Love finds like that.
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  2. Yes, you have to complete your set! They are so cute!


  3. Get the green one! I have the EXACT same set at home (from my grandmother) and yours looks so sad without the green one :(


  4. LOVE those bowls, great find! Visiting from Simple Design Thrift Haul Finds.


  5. So Hepburn of you :)


  6. I love that windmill!!! I’m from Muskegon, so yeah, I get it. :)


  7. Absolutely get the green bowl!! What a gorgeous set!! My dad GAVE AWAY my mom’s set after she died. So sad, they’re such gorgeous bowls.


  8. Hi! I’m also a michigander living in indy!! We should meet up and hit some thrift sales!! I was very tempted to hit the vintage market on saturday, looks awesome. Love your windmill. Clearly it was waiting for you. Only get the little green bowl if you really think you’ll use it or if you think you’d sell the while set. Email me!


  9. Get the green bowl. Like NOW. ;)


  10. I want those bowls. But since I don’t need them and have absolutely no good reason for having them, YOU should get the green bowl and sell them. Or keep them. Because they are super awesome.


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