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tiger lily inspiration (giveaway) |

tiger lily inspiration (giveaway)

This is one of my favorite photos from early on in my pregnancy with Paul. Casey took it last August, at the Indiana State Fair. I was only 19 week pregnant, but looked and felt all of 35 weeks.










That orange striped shirt in the photo is still one of my favorites, in fact I wore it just yesterday. I love the color, the lightweighty-ness of the fabric, and how I used it as a maternity shirt even though it was never intended to be a maternity shirt.

One year later, I’ve swapped the bulging belly for a six month old fluffy butt. You guys, he’s trying to crawl already.

It’s not fair.













And my wardrobe has changed, but only slightly. Every morning when I get dressed, I have Paul in mind. Six months in, and he’s still breastfeeding like his life depends on it. (OK, maybe his life does depend on it, but you get my drift)

No lie, almost every single day my outfit starts with a Bravado tank. I have it in 3 neutral colors (white, black, brown), and now my new favorite color for summer, tiger lily.

















Bright orange is a fun accent, to my otherwise very neutral closet.

These past few month, I’ve been writing every Friday over at Bravado’s Breastfeeding Diaries. It’s been an amazing outlet and place of breastfeeding support for me, and I hope you join me over there from time to time.

But back to the tank. If you breastfeed, you need this top. And the beautiful orange tiger lily color is a special seasonal item that will be gone before you know it.











But I’m giving one away.

Entering is easy-peasy. Just follow the Rafflecopter form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I’ve partnered with Bravado to share my breastfeeding journey, but the opinions are always my own, and I haven’t been compensated for this post.





  1. That tank looks great and so does that little fluff bum! Excited about the giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. you KNOW i’m anxious to get my hands on a good nursing tank. due in 5 weeks!
    Rebekah recently posted..the dumps.

  3. I’m wearing a lot of brown, because I always wear a lot of brown. I’m really boring. (but! TODAY! I’m wearing pink! That NEVER happens.)

  4. I have been grooving with WHITE & Navy, sometimes I substitute the white for Khaki.

  5. Ummm.. I want one so bad! I am not in good shape with bfeeding tanks right now… the expensive ones I bought dig into my skin that was supposed to vanish the second I delivered my second babe.. Would LOVE to win this one!

  6. I love dark plum- one of my favorite colors all year round!

  7. Plan on breast feeding my new arrival (due September) and have heard only great things about these tanks. Need to start my stash! I just picked up two bravado nursing bras this week because my friend told me they were the best!

  8. I so wish I had invested in more nursing tanks the first time around. These are cute. I would rock these daily.

  9. Stephanie says:

    I’m over four months into breastfeeding my new little girl and could definitely use a wardrobe update!

  10. Ha! I’m wearing whatever fits and is easiest to breastfeed in… haven’t had a chance to pick something that I like. However, your blog post has inspired me to maybe add some color or detail to my “mom uniform”.
    PS I love the tiger lily color! It’s lovely.

  11. I would love a dark colored nursing tank like dark purple, navy, or black! I am due in less than 8 weeks, and I am definitely looking forward to nursing our new little one!

  12. A lot of black and gray. I could use some pops of color!

  13. I have Bravado nursing tanks and bras and wear one everyday. Of course a girl and her baby could always use another one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. karoline says:

    my nursing tanks are all black; adding in some orange would be a lovely and welcome change ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Having a little guy that seems to get all of my clothes dirty too, I would love a tank that is ANY color but white : )

  16. I am loving to wear purple and black but I think my wardrobe, maybe changing up a bit, need to add some blue, because so far it looks like we are having a boy, due in January ๐Ÿ™‚ This looks like a fab tank. Thanks for the chance.

  17. I wear too much purple…but I’m always a black tank top girl! lol

  18. the tiger lily looks awesome

  19. Love the color

  20. I love tanks, whether I’m nursing, or not! My biggest problem is that I have a fairly drab wardrobe. A good friend was just telling me how much I need to wear more color! Black, white and blue are my go-to choices.

  21. I very much wish I had had nursing tanks with my first one. With my second babe well on its way, I would love to win this!

    Kala Y Reply:

    @Kala Y, and I’m loving the periwinkle this summer!

  22. I am loving Coral… Which is very close to Tiger Lily.

  23. Molli Mc G says:

    I’m loving lime this summer!

  24. i’m loving teal…because it’s my favorite!

  25. I <3 the Bravado tanks!!! I had brown and white with my son, but no longer have them. I've been eyeing the plum and tiger lily for fall since baby girl will be here in just a month.

  26. I just purchased my first nursing bras (in black and butterscotch) yesterday for my birthday. Baby is due in 2.5 weeks and I’m waiting very impatiently. I’ve been wearing a lot of pink this summer – maybe because I’m having a girl!

  27. Alexandria Chang says:

    This summer I’m wearing a lot of pale purple this summer. Love the Bravado tanks!

  28. not quite sure how I got through the past 8 months of my life without one of these. The tank looks lovely; as do you and small Paul ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. Sarah S. says:

    I need one of these. I’m about to have my 3rd and have been dying to try the Bravado tank.

  30. Meagan R. says:

    All of those things are soo cute!! My wardrobe is not nearly as cute.

  31. My favorite maternity tank top is orange–it’s such a great summer color, especially with a tan. I’d love to have this Bravado tank as part of my nursing wardrobe!

  32. Kristin Geerlings says:

    Looks pretty!

  33. I only have this tank in white but I love it! I want together it in the plum Colour ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. evsmarie says:

    I love bright colors for summer – but since I’m nursing full time, it’s mostly black and white for now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. I love to wear green! Brings out my green eyes.

  36. Nursing right now and only have 1 nursing tank, could really use another. I love both the tiger lily and the dark plum.

  37. I have been wearing a lot of teal this summer

  38. Pink!!!

  39. Pink!!

  40. suzanne says:

    I love to wear turquoise!

  41. Bright vibrant green is my summer fav.
    joules recently posted..The Musacks(Gone Country) – The Be Good Tanyas

  42. Oh, I need to pick your brain about so much! I was just thinking the other day, “Do I need special clothes for breast feeding?!” Yes, apparently, it’s been way too long!

  43. Could def use this with the new baby.

  44. Kristin says:

    This made me realize how much I miss wearing orange! I’ve been really into teal and dark blue this summer/pregnancy, but I’m about ready to go redhead again and orange looks great!

  45. I have recently discovered orange as a nice POP of color with my summer tan– this tank would be a welcome addition to my otherwise dreary wardrobe

  46. Kristine F says:

    I tend to wear bright colors most of the time

  47. I’m almost a year into nursing #2 and nursing tanks are a wardrobe staple. I’d love another one in such a great color!

  48. Jessica C says:

    Love orange! It’s a happy color. I wear it and decorate with it.

  49. Brittany Ellis says:

    I’m in love with the pink and baby blue nursing tank tops, but unfortunately haven’t had the pleasure of wearing them yet!

  50. Maureen Modic says:

    Im loving anything pink! ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. It’s funny you posted this… I was just thinking about how desperately my prego (and post-prego, cause let’s face it, they’re the same) needs color. Everything I own is black, white or grey – and rest assured, it’s not helping to disguise how big I am with 5 weeks to go on baby #2!

  52. Love Bravado Designs! Of all the brands I’ve tried, they are the best! Thanks for the giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. I love orange as my “pop of color” too. I also dress my kids in it as often as possible, actually. Sheesh!

  54. Melissa Lynn Benham says:

    My favourite summer colour is and always has been yellow! ๐Ÿ™‚ But I am in love with that orange tank!

  55. Jennifer says:

    I have nursed 2 babies a total of 26 months and I had 1 nursing shirt!!! This tank would be awesome to have for #3 due in January!!!

  56. Erin Lawrence says:

    I love wearing purple!

  57. blue!

  58. I’m loving green & coral this summer!

  59. I am due in 3 short weeks and I have yet to find a nursing tank to work for me. I am liking wearing any color if it is a shirt that actually fits ๐Ÿ˜‰

  60. i’m loving tangerine.

  61. My latest addition is 11 days old so I am wearing a lot of black. It hides all the fat :).

  62. Ashley C says:

    I’m loving turquoise!


  63. Emily M says:

    White! It looks so good with a tan.

  64. I’ve been wearing pops of yellow. I am a huge fan of yellow. Not sure why I don’t wear it more often.

  65. Michelle Lubbers says:

    It’s purple and aqua for me this season… and time to add in a tad more pizazz!! Great giveaway for this momma getting ready to start on baby #3!!

  66. elizabeth says:

    Loving the pop of orange! I always find myself in a neutral rut when I’m pregnant.

  67. Love the color choices. What a fun tank!

  68. I’m due with #4 in October and would love to have a nursing tank like this. I usually prefer pinks and purples, but orange would add variety.

  69. I am loving all shades of pink. From pale pink to raspberry to a pretty bright pink!

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