word of the day (revisited)

This post was originally published September 30, 2010.

School starts in a week from Monday for my girls (Nola’s going to kindergarten!), and this post epitomizes why I love being part of the community I am.

The word of the day today, July 27, 2012: Perseverance.


Five days a week, I load up the car precisely at 7:52 am. Myself, Piper, Nola, Gage, my cup of coffee, and even the dog.

We all drop Piper off in her classroom just a minute before 8:00am, hugs and kisses are given, wishing her a great day.

Every morning after the drop off, we play in the playground with the same few other moms and their preschool aged children. We laugh, we cry, tell stories and give advice. We connect over warm mugs and prepackaged snacks. Ah, community.

In one corner of the playground, there is a gigantic chalkboard. Each morning we decorate it with a new “word of the day” for the kids to discover when they run out for recess. Often, the word of the day is reflective on one of us is feeling.



Before the new word can go up, the past must be erased. Symbolism at it finest.

starting over


give thanks
Feeling very thankful today, the word Gratitude just seemed appropriate.




  1. I love this post… Loved it the first time, and it’s just as good the second time ’round. So exciting, two in school! What a wonderful time you’ll have with the boys!


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