A frugal PSA: Sometimes a deal IS indeed too good to be true.

I’m just going to go ahead and cut to the chase, tell you a little tale about how I totally got taken for a stupid sucker. A classic case on how I didn’t do my “smart shopper” due diligence, and now am $18 poorer with a bruised frugal ego.

Ok, so here is my sad and sorry story:

It was around 9:30 in the morning, and my sister calls me to share a “must have” deal on Zulily. If you love deals, you already know how awesome Zulily is, and on this particular morning, they were offering kids Keen rain boots with Boston Terrier dogs on them.

We have a stinky Boston Terrier, thus obviously we needed these rain boots.

keen dog boot A frugal PSA: Sometimes a deal IS indeed too good to be true.












They were selling on Zulily for maybe $25 odd dollars (can’t remember the exact amount), but then they don’t have Piper’s size, so I sadly had to pass the deal up.

But now that I know these boots exist, I kinda want them bad. Like, I have to have them. I WOULD NOT BE DEFEATED! Clearly, finding these shoes in Piper’s size had quickly become a challenge for me, one that I would ultimately lose.

And then the very same sister that alerted me to the boots in the first place, sends me another link via email, to a clearance site that was selling the boots for an outstanding price of $13 + shipping! And wouldn’t you know it, they have Piper’s size!


The boots were in my cart and paid for via PayPal within a matter of minutes.

That was about a month ago.

Yesterday, the mailman delivered me a tiny little bubble mailer from China.

China. Hm…. Don’t remember ordering anything from China. Don’t know anybody living in China.What on earth could it be? So exciting! Mystery package!

And inside the randomly delivered tiny bubble mailer, was another even smaller plastic package, labeled LUX touch of  Europe shower cap.

A shower cap. From China. The mystery continues…

So I did what any normal inquisitive person with time on her hands would do, I asked google.

scam A frugal PSA: Sometimes a deal IS indeed too good to be true.














Discount shoes. Scambook. Shower cap. Hey wait, I never got those rain boot I ordered a month ago!

Yep, I was a victim. They took my money, they snatched my pride, and left me with a stupid shower cap, that is anything but LUX.

7876700922 6c26a182d3 A frugal PSA: Sometimes a deal IS indeed too good to be true.

(identity hidden, to cover the shameface)

I’ve filed a complaint with Paypal, but honestly I’m not going to spend a ton of time trying to get my $18 back, because you know, it wasn’t that much money.

And well, I can’t get my frugal confidence back.

Valuable lesson learned: if you need a disposable a shower cap, order shoes online.

Any of you every been scammed? Come on, share your story so I don’t feel like such an idiot.




  1. Dude. That’s’ just plain SO MEAN.

    Also. WHY do they even send the stupid shower cap? Redunkulous.



    Heather Reply:

    They send the shower cap so they can prove to PayPal with a tracking number they sent you the goods.

    It’s a long story, but basically someone stole a couch from me on eBay using a stolen credit card to create the PayPal account.

    Tracked her down with some others and got paid back. Although I did see my stolen couch show up on Craigslist. She was trying to sell it to pay me back. In summary, some people just suck. And never use PayPal, because they suck too.


  2. Totally been there. My husband ordered me a ipod shuffle years ago for Christmas on ebay. He was in a hurry and found a good price. Looking back, it was a stupid mistake, considering he never got the item or his money back.

    He ordered it for more from another vendor and he had this long story when I finally opened the present.


  3. Yes. Yes I have. I wanted to order a good friend etched wineglasses for his wedding, but being a broke student, didn’t want to pay the outrageous prices I was finding. I found a great site online that seemed to offer what I wanted, and after emailing the contact person to make sure the glasses would arrive in time for the wedding, I paid my $35 (a big deal at the time) and waited. And waited. And waited.

    The wedding came and went, and I couldn’t get a hold of these people again. Phone calls went to voicemail, the voicemail box filled up and stopped taking messages, emails went unreturned.

    I filed a complaint with PayPal, and they found in my favor, but couldn’t return my money because the seller didn’t have any money currently sitting with PayPal. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but they couldn’t get in touch with the seller at any of the physical addresses I had, and so closed my complaint.

    I had done some googling at the time, and I think I remember reading an article about the business that said this guy’s wife was sick or had died, which, I guess, caused his business to go under. Sad, of course, but it didn’t get me my $35 back, and I was left with only half of a wedding gift (for which I will feel eternally shitty, and may eventually end up making up for by sending them a NEW set of glasses.)

    I learned my lesson, though. When I visit a new site, I usually google the site name and “scam” before I order anything.


  4. Learned my lesson. Will research any links I send from now on. So sorry.

    I still think those boots are pretty awesome though.


  5. Stephanie says:

    That’s awful! Did you use your credit card when you paid through PayPal? If so, call your credit card company and dispute the charge.


  6. Oh sad, sad, sad. I thought you were going to say they were a replica of the boots. That would have been obnoxious, but a shower cap? That’s just plain mean. You took it like a sport and I love the picture you posted.

    I ordered a wedding dress on Ebay and the seller suddenly had her shop burglarized and she didn’t have it anymore. It wasn’t the end of the world because she returned my money, but I didn’t get the $99 deal I was hoping for.


  7. This same scam happened to a friend of mine! so weird!


  8. Oh em gee, I am so glad I read this. Was totes stalking this sold out pair of super cute red Tom’s. The website seemed weirdish and then they sold out of my size. Whew, dodged a bullet! I hope you find the boots at like, a garage sale for $1.50 and it all comes out even.
    joules recently posted..The Musacks(Gone Country) – Waylon Jennings


  9. Well, I ordered a Wii on Amazon (used, but at a fairly reasonable price) on Saturday, so when it shows up, we’ll see if I can join the club!
    Lauren recently posted..Spotted Orchids


  10. at least you ROCK that $18 shower cap. Like a boss.


  11. Dude. That is so wrong. You’d think they’d be better off sending nothing in hopes that people would forget they ordered something at all. But a shower cap? SO RANDOM.
    punkinmama recently posted..blue lipstick and television


  12. Duuuddee… nooooo…. booo for internet scams.
    AMY recently posted..Three


  13. I got scammed back in college by this guy in the mall supposedly selling magazines. I picked a “subscription” for my boyfriend at the time and he never saw one issue but they sure did cash my check!! ;)

    Sorry, hon. It happens to the best of us…
    Elaine recently posted..Lazoo For You! {review & giveaway}


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