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Bright lights, a lighter heart in sight |

Bright lights, a lighter heart in sight

My good friend Amber tweeted:




Her words totally resonated with me, as the second half of July has been unkind, but now that it’s August, I’m starting to feel that I might breath again, someday.

I’ve had so much big, anxious, worrying of stuff going on, that I haven’t had a split second to even thinks about this trip. What trip? Oh, you know I’m in NYC this week for the BlogHer Conference. I got into the city yesterday, I meant to publish this post a day or two ago.

But the night before my flight, I considered just canceling the whole thing and staying home.

Long story short, school for the girls was supposed to start this coming Monday, but um, that’s not happening anymore. Three thing: I not going to blog about it in detail, but I’m really sad, and probably overly sensitive about the situation.

Ok, moving on.

My other reason for not wanting to go is because baby Paul told me he didn’t want me to leave him. There’s only 4 bags of frozen breast milk in the freezer, and well, the canned alternative is ok, it’s just not what he’s used to.

But last night, while I sat in my 25th floor hotel room in Manhattan,  Michael told me baby Paul took 8 ounces like a champ, and asked him for another.

I’m here now, and I know I made the right decision coming. I love the big city, I love the company I’m with, and I need a breather from reality. I’m taking a pause from the heavy, and hopefully come back a better mother and wife. Heck, maybe I’ll learn a few things, meet a few people, and experience something new.













I have an amazing sponsor, Dolphin Organics, who believes in me.  We make a perfect match, Dolphin Organics and I. Their bath, body, and most recently their sunscreen are the only skin products I’ll use on my kids.

If you’re at the conference, have a baby or are pregnant, it will be worth your while to come find me (if you know what I’m sayin’).

If you’re not at the conference, be patient, I have something up my sleeve for you as well.

And if you’re familiar at all with NYC, I would be forever grateful if you could give me some tips on where to find the good food. Because as much as I’m looking forward to the conference, I really just want to eat something amazing. Not to be confused with eating my feelings.

Because honestly, one cannot solely live off cupcakes, vodka, and street meat for 5 days straight. I’ve tried before, it’s not pretty.




  1. Aaaahhhh!!! The *minute* you have any second-thoughts about being in NYC (not that you will, at this point), just remember you have a friend in Indy who’s jealous as everything that you’re partying it up this weekend. Think of me, and look at those big beautiful buildings, and drink an over-priced cocktail, and laugh hard at funny people, and ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF IT!!

    (or else, NO SCOBY FOR YOU!)


  2. I’m so glad you decided to go. And I wholeheartedly endorse food as comfort (when you need it most). This spot might do the trick:

    Have a wonderful time, mama!

    Deep breaths …
    suzanne @ pretty swell recently posted..What I Wore (to work) Wednesday


  3. Here’s a West Side secret. Up on the 2nd floor of the Upper West Side Fairway is the Fairway Cafe. Try their BLT. It’s the best I’ve ever had. It’s a slice of NY that even some NYers don’t know about. At night it turns into a steak house.

    2127 Broadway (at 74th St) Go up the entrance by the apples/fruit, and head to 2nd floor by the organics. Also a bakery, etc.

    I also eat at the new Indie Food & Wine at the Film Society of Lincoln Center a lot. Organic, local, and for you — wine. Plus the concession stand has parmesan truffle popcorn. I like the Roast Beef sandwich, as well as some of the winter seasonal stuff. They change it up according to the market offerings.

    West 66th between Broadway and Amsterdam and across from The Juilliard School.

    Both aren’t too expensive and not overly touristy and get you away from the crowds in the conference district.


  4. good for you for going! i feel like sometimes those things that we’re just not so sure about doing due to ‘real life’ problems, are usually the ones that we need to do the most (especially trips). here’s hoping you have the best. time. ever.

    as for food, i have to say that i’ve been missing nyc dirty water dogs and pizza a lot lately. if i were in nyc now, i’d hit up grays papaya for a dog, the doughnut plant for a sweet treat, murray’s cheese shop for a nosh to take back to my hotel, and maybe (if the lines weren’t too long) a pastrami sandwich at Katz’s (which, yes, is touristy…but still delicious). joey swears by a delicious pork sandwich at porchetta, and i enjoyed a relatively low-key dinner at mario batali’s babbo last time i was in town (which, coincidentally, is basically in the same location as murray’s). these picks are all pretty well-known tourist spots (sorry, no insider info here)–but still yummy 🙂


  5. Susan Alberda says:

    It makes me breathe easier knowing that you are breathing easy. One of us has to keep her head above water. And this week? It’s not me. Now go eat my feelings for me and let me know how awesome it was.


  6. Yay New York!

    When you come back you will be so much lighter. You will.


  7. Have a great time!!! We might be visiting NYC for spring break so I might email you closer to that time for some tips as I’ve never been.



  1. […] weekend while I was away in NYC, each girl got 3 cards, 3 pieces of candy I would never typically buy them. (what, it wasn’t […]

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