New beginnings start today

I always told myself that once Nola went off to Kindergarten, I would be ready to get pregnant with a third baby. And while I still think of myself as a planner, I’ve realized over the years that my actions rarely follow the carefully thought out plan in my head.

Nola started school Kindergarten today, and Piper the 2nd grade.

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My third child will soon be three, my fourth child just turned seven months. Obviously, family planning is not something I excel at.

But nonetheless, all of us have been counting sleeps, nervously waiting for the first day of school to finally arrive. We’re starting a new school, and while I’m wildly anxious about it, I know the girls will do great. Everything will be fresh and new, all the way down to the brightly colored mandatory polo’s on their backs and bright white sneakers on their feet.

And while I’m super excited for everything the girls will experience this year, I can’t help but admit I’m pretty pumped myself to get into a new grove at home with just the boys. I want to give Gage some much needed extra attention, particularly in the potty training area. And Paul desperately needs to get on a more consistent nap schedule throughout the day. Having the girls in school from 8-3 will hopefully make these things happen.

So, cheers to new beginnings! We’re going to celebrate with after school fro-yo, and I’m surprising the girls by cooking their favorite meal, Shrimp Pasta by Ina Garten. Ina Garten recipes are saved for special occasions only.

And also, I can totally believe Piper is in second grade, but when the heck did Nola become old enough for real school?

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  1. Super cute picture! Love Piper’s smile and Nola’s bow. Also they have good taste, Ina’s shirimp pasta is my fav too!


  2. Oh, your girls are so cute! Hope their first day of school is awesome! I am so not ready for this…Eli starts after Labor Day. :)


  3. Gosh, they are adorable. And the orange polos are so awesome. I need to know more about this dress code. Is it always orange? Are there any other colors they can wear?

    We’re in the same school boat (2nd and K) but the opposite nap situation. Ollie usually goes down sometime between 12 & 1 and sleeps until 2:30ish. Zach will need to be picked up at 1:30pm and Dylan at 2:50pm. I think we might be giving up naps altogether. Sigh.

    Have fun with your boys. And save a little time for Skype, obviously. xo
    Meghan recently posted..Cinco de ZachZach


  4. Hooray, for those sweet girls and their exciting new school adventures!

    Totally hear you on looking forward to extra time with the kiddos at home too. Hope you guys have a great start to the year.
    Beth recently posted..The Bright Spot In Our Summer Vegetable Garden


  5. Hi there,

    I’m a new reader to your blog! Is there a post that describes your unique kids names? They’re so cute!


  6. I’m there with ya girl! Both boys went off to school in Daddy’s truck today and it was kinda crazy to watch them BOTH go! Enjoying the time with just my girl…

    Your girls look SO cute!! Hope they had a FABULOUS day!!


  7. So cute! And I love the orange! Hope they don’t get sick of having to wear it every day though!

    Wishing them and you all the best for a great year! Hope the stress that led up to this first day will soon be a distant memory and everyone will be enjoying this new school!


  8. They are so incredibly adorable in orange!! What cuties! Happy First Day!


  9. Yes, cheers to new beginnings! Your girls are adorable in that picture! I am looking forward to school starting, too… even though I’m always an emotional, teary mess. My big boy starts grade 2, my baby starts kindergarten… sigh.


  10. They look so cute! I hope their first few days have gone well.

    I’ve got a 6th grader, a 2nd grader, and two heading to kindergarten. What?


  11. They are SO adorable!!



  12. Haha! God is always better at the family planning than we are, isn’t He? ;)
    So big now! It happens to fast!


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