the orange imposture

While I was away in NYC last week, Michael and I would play this little game. I would ask him to text me a pic of the kids, and I would reciprocate by sending him a snapshot of what I was doing.

His photos were great (and I posted them all over at babble yesterday), and mine were just OK. At one point, I sent him a photo of myself meeting The Lorax  the orange imposture. I made sure to tell him to show Piper. You know, I thought I would impress her, and she would realize what a cool mom I really was.

7749484808 85b1f77492 the orange imposture

When I talked to her later in the evening, she confidently told me that the Lorax I met was clearly an imposter. A total fake.

And I asked why. Because obviously, I met THE LORAX, in the flesh.

Her twofold reply:

1. The Lorax is a cartoon. As in, not an actual creature, but a sketch drawn by people. She said (and I quote): clearly mom, you’re not hugging a drawing.

2. The Lorax is short in stature. And mom (and I again quote): That Lorax in that photo is as tall as you. Again, not that is not actual Lorax.

Therefore, my seven year old called my bluff. I met a person wearing a Lorax costume. NOT THE REAL LORAX.

And I learned a valuable lesson that people of her intelligence cannot be impressed by people dressed up in fake Lorax costume.

I wonder what she would think if I told her I met Nick Lachey’s pregnant wife (she has a name, it’s Vanessa, and she’s completely adorable).

7749599764 945392430a the orange imposture

Because THAT totally happened, despite the unfortunate lighting situation.




  1. totally just had to google who that was. not the Lorax, but Nick Lachey.

    but you’re right, his wife *is* adorable.


  2. Clearly, you had Michael show that to the wrong child. hahahha


  3. The pictures he texted you are SO great. Maybe brought a tear to my eye. Maybe. ;)
    What a great dad!


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