True Life: I was a BlogHer Newb (Guest Post!)

Hey all – Like I said last post, I’m in NYC at BlogHer for the week. Michael is daddy’ing it up at home, and I can’t wait to get back to see how he managed taking care of 4 kids all on his own. Not to worry, I left the house in sparkling condition, meals made, play dates scheduled, and laundry folded and laid out. How hard could it be? Right?

Anyway, while I’m gallivanting around, my dear friend Katie  from Sluiter Nation is filling in for me, talking about her very first time to BlogHer, dishing about everything she would differently next time around (which better be next year, *ahem*).

Please welcome her to the blog, I know you’ll love her.


So Emily is away in NYC at a little conference called BlogHer.

Ok, it’s not little at all. It’s ginormous. In fact, it’s the biggest conference for bloggers in the whole WORLD.

Now, Emily is no stranger to blog conferences. But last year? I was.

That’s right. Last year was my first blog conference and I went to BlogHer: the mother of all blog conferences.

To say I was a ball of nerves is an understatement. I whined all over twitter; I lamented on my blog; I had breakdowns on facebook. And I DM-ed every single BlogHer vet that I knew.

To be honest, it’s astounding that I have any internet friends left.

Anyway, since I was a newb last year, I figured I would share the 5 most important things that I learned.

Dress like you normally would. I cannot tell you how much I freaked my freak about what I would wear, only to put on the things I knew I would be comfy in and then wish I had brought more comfy things along. No one cares. Truly. NO ONE CARES.

No matter how organized you are, you can’t do it all. No really. I made myself an excel spreadsheet of all the possibilities I had for every hour of the weekend. I thought I was being smart by taking the BlogHer schedule and narrowing it down to only the stuff I was interested in and/or invited to. Some people had color-coded schedules. All schedules get thrown out the window. Next time I go? I won’t even have one.

Going to sessions is overrated. Ok, so full disclosure: I was pregnant at BlogHer11 in San Diego. I skipped whatever was in the afternoon every day for a preggo nap, but honestly, I didn’t miss it like I thought I would. At first I was all, “I am devastated that I am missing all of the things!” But once home, I realized, if I go again, I will probably skip to hang out with people since that is my main reason for being there.

Don’t forget to eat real food and drink non-alcoholic things. Admittedly this was not a problem for me, however it was a total problem for people I was with. And to be honest, I would have rather skipped parties and gone out to some yum restaurants than stake out the appetizer table and camp out my pregnant booty for the evening. Or at least until we moved on to the next party.

The people who claim to love you online, do. I was so nervous about meeting people, and truthfully I know my first impression was probably not always a good one considering I was in a daze of “OH EM GEE look at all the avatars that have LEGS and are walking around and hugging each other! THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE!” But the people who I had developed strong relationships with before meeting them? Our friendship was strengthened with the first hug.

photo 2 945x1024 True Life: I was a BlogHer Newb (Guest Post!)

me with my bloggie bestie, Miranda of Not Super…Just Mom.

I’m not at BlogHer this year because I just couldn’t part with my baby and I have entirely too much anxiety to bring him along, but you bet your booty cakes I will be there next year. And hopefully I will meet some of you.

I’ll be the one in yoga pants and flip flops.




  1. I love this post because I have never been to a conference and I am a little bit terrified to go. Next year it is in my neck of the woods in Chicago so how can I not go? Plus the thought of actually meeting friends I talk to online all the time…too tempting to let nerves stop me. These tips were so helpful.
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