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As the leaves change, so do I |

As the leaves change, so do I

I’m not really a summer girl. Out of the 4 seasons of the year, the hot summer is my least favorite, followed by the wet spring, I do enjoy winter (honestly) and love me a good crisp fall day. No, it’s not backwards day, this is how I really feel.

  • I love a day in the upper 50’s to mid 60’s, and detest anything over 90 degrees.
  • I like routine and structure, and get antsy without predictability.
  • I’ll take jean and boot season any day over flip-flops and tank tops.
  • Hot coffee beats ice tea every time.
  • Football over golf.
  • Chili crushes gazpacho.
  • Raking leaves is more fun than watering flowers.

This year, fall feels especially beautiful to me. While the plants are slowly going dormant and preparing for sleep, I feel like I’m starting to live, a revival of sorts in my soul, instead of attempting to just survive.

Yesterday, Piper made the comment to me that she heard over 5 times in our one afternoon adventure of dentist/grocery store/school pickup, a stranger say to me “I don’t know how you do it”, when it comes to managing 4 little kids.

The thing is, I don’t do it well. AT ALL. I do it, because that’s the only option I have, and I really like this option. And yes, some days are beyond conceivably hard, and I often wish I had more help, but some days are really really good too.

And we’re growing up and maturing everyday.

They just do this sometimes. #dailykidmoment #client

(sometimes they just hold hands, I guess I did something right at one point)

I’m seeing the toddler fad from Gage’s eyes, and Paul is gaining independence by the minute. My last baby is hardly a newborn, which makes me want to scream at him “STOP IT!” and “WOO HOO, GET ON WITH YOUR BAD BABY SELF!” all at the same time.

I know this fall is my final season of raising a baby, and there is peace in that decision. I’m packing up baby clothes, donating used baby gear, and saying a final goodbye to stretchy maternity pants and pregnancy jeans that never fit just right to begin with.

And while I’m sad this season of my life is coming to a close for me, it also feels like a new birth in and of itself. We are a complete unit, all bodies accounted for. No more waiting for the next big thing.

Fall, the prefect season to begin again.


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  1. I love fall (& winter) as well! Your descriptions fit my feelings perfectly! Although, I would have added that sometimes, I love a good overcast late fall day. Not where it’s so cold that you’re chilled to the bone. But where you really need a coat, and it’s dreary outside & the leaves are blowing around! I love the crispness of the air, but I also love the feeling of wanting to be inside with a fire in the fireplace and chili in the crockpot, snuggling under blankets. Don’t get me wrong…I wouldn’t want it to be dreary everyday. But every now and then, a day like that is good for the soul.


  2. Precious picture 🙂 And inspiring words. I’m just not feelin’ it this year. I need to get outta my fall and holiday funk and have some fun…snap out of it self!



  3. Fall is the best, except when it’s the worst. I love everything about it – sweater weather, warm boots, hot chocolate and the nip in the air. But this is the time that guy comes knocking at my door. You know the one that says, you’re stupid/fat/bad mother/not good enough. So glad he’s moved on from your door.
    joules recently posted..Fall Food Stuffz


  4. I too love fall… but for me, my favourite season of all is summer!
    Loukia recently posted..Top Five Items That Will Always Be In Style (And What To Never Wear Again!)


  5. The picture of the kids walking into school… oh my goodness, what a treasure.

    They are so so SO precious. Clearly you’re doing something pretty amazingly.
    ClassyFabSarah recently posted..LOFT-y Monday


  6. Ahhh…I love this post. I went through the EXACT SAME FEELINGS of “coming back to life” this past spring. I was finishing up breastfeeding. I knew we were done having babies. You’re able to look forward knowing you’re not gonna have to go back. Ahhhh, it’s such a feeling of freedom. I love your quote, “We are a complete unit, all bodies accounted for. No more waiting for the next big thing.” Congrats on this season…it continues to get better! I am filled with joy everyday knowing I’ll never be pregnant again, and I have 3 BEAUTIFUL boys that I never have to carry in my womb or breastfeed again!! (And 2/3 I’ll never have to potty train again, woo-hoo!)


  7. This is my favorite time of year too! Summer is my least favorite because I too, detest the heat. I love cool, crisp partly sunny days this time of year and cooking and baking all things fall like chili, apple crisp and pumpkin bread. Happy Fall!!


  8. Fall is my time, too. I wish there was a place that was always fall.

    Stephanie Precourt recently posted..To every thing there is.


  9. My friend who had twins last year in June said the same thing this weekend…baby stuff/maternity stuff is being sold off/given away now that they are a family of 6. This is it. She has started a mad awesome focus on her own health and she looks great. She is more at peace than I have seen her in years.

    She is sad and peaceful and joyous.

    It makes me happy that you are too. (not the sad, though, of course).
    Katie recently posted..Project 365 {week 39}


  10. What a beautiful post for so many reasons. Makes me smile. 🙂
    Kat recently posted..Falling Into Fall


  11. I love that your kids are holding hands. Those moments when my kids do that are so priceless. Aren’t those the times when you feel good as a mom?
    Angela England recently posted..What Your Birth Taught Me: About You, About Me


  12. I can see you all are really growing. I also like fall, it it’s my season. Nice picture.
    Danielle Robins recently


  13. I think, Fall is the best but i like the picture of snow. Because it’s really looking excellent.
    Bryce Skylar recently posted..Kim Kardashian Tape


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