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finding magic in unexpectedly expected place |

finding magic in unexpectedly expected place

We’ve been home from our trip to Disney for a few days and counting. As we get back into the swing of things and detox from our vacation hangover, everyone we come in contact with who knows where we’ve been immediately asks the kids what their favorite part of the trip was.

Piper will tell you is was the Expedition Everest roller-coaster, which I refer to as “the weird yeti ride”.

Nola will tell you she loved the Magic Kingdom’s Halloween party, except for the part where we made her sit through the Hall of Presidents.

And Gage will tell you his favorite thing ever was Buzz Lightyear, and I think he’s talking about the new-ish Toy Story ride at Hollywood Studios.

Yes, all those things were awesome. And candidly speaking, the trip honestly wasn’t at all about Michael and I “taking one for the team” and reluctantly spending 5 days in Orlando doing this we didn’t want to be doing, just because we wanted to be “good parents”. Truly and a little bit surprisingly, Disney World was a blast. I can’t wait to return some day when my whole family is over 44″ tall.

Everyone always talks about the Disney “magic”, and now I understand. It’s not mythical, it’s real. It’s a place where adults and children can spend time together and reconnect in the most basic way: having fun.

On more that a few occasions, this is exactly where I found all the magic. Sure, the rides were great, and the live shows were awesome. The employees or “cast members” were absolutely amazing, and the food was admittedly “meh”. But the reconnection I found with my children, especially my dear Nola, was worth every penny (and trust me, there were LOTS AND LOTS of pennies spent).



















Often during the everyday strain of life, I forget to interact with my children in a joyful way. Sure, I bark demands and I reprimand them tirelessly. But being able to spend time with them for an entire week, doing things together that we both enjoyed, was absolutely priceless. I held my kids hands, and looked deep into their eyes more last week than probably the past 6 months combined.

And it’s true, you don’t have to go to Disney to reconnect with your children. I’m sure this type of joy can be attained in the very home you live in.

I’ve been anxious and stressed out now for a long time, and everyone under this roof can tell their own story about that. The innocent and childlike joy that feels so amazing has been missing in my life for a very long time. But today, I feel it. I feel reconnected to my children in a beautiful way.

Gah, it’s like I went on a romantic holiday with my 5 year old. But whatever works, right?

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  1. Gah, I just love. It’s such the little things that are so worth every little cent spent.
    Shannon recently posted..Today’s Three from ABC #abckids12


  2. My grandparents always took me, my brother, our 2 cousins, and all of our parents every year. Best memories ever! Every time I go, it seems like the magic grows a little more. I hope it always will!

    We went 3 years ago and I’m itching to go back. (Damn economy!)
    Bridget recently posted..10 Things That Make Homeschool Hard


  3. I’m so glad you had such an amazing time. I’m really feeling the need lately to reconnect with my daughter. I wonder if my husband will spring for Disney World before our second baby comes 😉 Doubtful, but I’m glad to know that I’m not the only mom struggling from time to time to connect again with my kids. Maybe just a break in the routine is all we need.
    Gamanda recently posted..Tuesday Ten


  4. Yes yes yes. I’m so glad you had a wonderful time! My husband — who has been anti-Disney World since forever — asked when we could plan our next trip as we were driving away from the park in August. It’s expensive, but it’s also lovely.

    My 7-year-old daughter’s favorite ride was the Carousel of Progress. She’s a funny one.
    Nichole recently posted..Five ways of looking at nature


  5. I was one who always thought, why in the world would someone want to shell out that kind of cash left and right all to stand in long lines in dreadful heat. Well….all I can say now is that I totally get it! Seeing the magic through your child’s eyes as they smile from ear to ear at the sight of Mickey Mouse makes every penny spent so worth it! Disney World truly is a magical place and we can’t wait to go back! So glad we got to experience it with you!


  6. Love it. And love Disney too. We went when Sam turned 3. It truly was magical. I hope to be able to go back someday when Delaney can enjoy it too – just hope Sam won’t be “over it” by then!
    Glad you had such a wonderful time!
    punkinmama recently posted..not that it’s any of your business


  7. Wow, you made me really want to take my kids. Disney should pay you. 😉
    Elaine recently posted.."I Don’t Have Time For This!"


  8. Ohhhh I wanna go to Disney! Glad you found the magic! Sounds awesome!
    AMY recently posted..Away. Alone.


  9. I am not an overly sentimental person, but something about Disney and kids just pulls at every single heartstring. I’m so excited about our upcoming trip – I see a commercial and I start getting teary. I feel like we’re good with connecting with each other on a one-on-one basis, but as a whole family? Someone usually ends up mad. I’m hoping that Disney magic works on all of us so we can make some great memories as a family.
    Angie @ Just Like The Number recently posted..Tweens & Tech: How We’re Guiding Our Daughter In Her Online Life


  10. This makes me the weepy happy.
    Especially that you and Nola found each other again. It feels good to find your kids again, and let them find their mom as well.
    moosh in indy. recently posted..ho-HI-oh: the (almost) end.


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