I’m around, and you can call me Matey

Today I realized I haven’t blogged here (emphasis on the here, I’m still busy writing lots of other awesome places) in almost three weeks.

I didn’t mean for it to happen, didn’t set out to “take a break” or anything, it’s just how life went down. Honestly, I thought I blogged at least last week or something. But yeah, almost 3 weeks ago.

I’ve been doing stuff. You know, everyday normal people stuff.

I took a canning class. I really should blog about it, because it was awesome, and now I want to put all the food in all the jars.

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I’m shopping often to stock the ugly sweater shop, Junky Brilliance. Yes, the season already starts mid-September (I know). Gage is my sidekick, and sometimes he stages fugly protests when I don’t buy him broken toys.

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We took the kids to Disney last week, it was so awesome I’m basically at a loss for words. It really is a magical place and we felt like princess.

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If you ever decide to go to Disney, I highly recommend being an irresponsible parent and yanking your kids out of school for a week sometime in October. The crowds were completely low (because everyone’s in school, like suckers), the weather very comfortable, and the Halloween festivities are out of this world.

We rented a house with my sister (brother-in-law and nephew) and dragged my mom along for the ride. Renting a huge house is also something I totally would recommend. It’s much cheaper than staying on Disney property, everyone gets a bed(room), you can make meals at “home” where the kids can freely enjoy their post-themepark epic meltdowns, and our particular rental even came with a pool and hot tub. I must admit, there’s something very magical about not having to hide in the dark hotel bathroom while waiting for the kids to fall asleep.

The only non-magical part of the trip was driving 16 hours south (and then another 16 back up north) in the car with 4 small kids. Everyone did ok, except when they didn’t. Nola lost her mind over a dropped marker, and there was that naughty 3 hour stretch of highway somewhere in Georgia that Paul didn’t care for and wanted us all to hear about it.

But we’re home now, sleeping in our own beds, where the bed bugs don’t bite. Acclimating to real life where you don’t get a daily afternoon chocolate dipped ice cream Micky on a stick just for giggles.

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And lastly, Gage learned a new song, thanks to Piper’s new found love of teenie-bopper music. You can call him, Matey. This is only funny if you personally know him. From day one, straight out of the womb he’s talked like a pirate. Like, total leave-me-lone-get-off-my-yard old man growl in full effect. He’s now constantly going round the house singing a tone def off key version of “this crazy, call me Matey”. It’s hilarious, and I really need to make a video of this to remember it always.

8092412883 bed70a70cb Im around, and you can call me Matey

So yeah, this blog and I have some catching up to do. I have grand ambitions to get my act together, promise.





  1. I spent four nights in hotel bathroom waiting for kids to fall asleep.

    moosh in indy. recently posted..show us your colors, get to the game. (sponsored by Tide)


  2. So I know you’ve been a busy lady, but seeing all the photos to go with the facebook words is pretty cool. Now I want to go to Disney and can some stuff…
    Carinn recently posted..Fountains, Fearlessness, & Fun {Project 365 :: Day 243 through 249}


  3. I NEVER THOUGHT OF HIDING IN THE HOTEL BATHROOM. That’s pretty brilliant, even though it’s kind of sucky. Doing it.
    Jen L. recently posted..In Our Own Backyard


  4. Sarah Partain says:

    Yay!! Missed you all, but do glad you had a great trip.


  5. Call me matey! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! That is so much better than the original! I am singing it like that from now on. :)

    Disney sounds so wonderful that I almost want to take my kids now (after we had decided to wait a while). Hmmm. ;)

    Glad you’re back!
    Kat recently posted..You Capture- Fall


  6. Oh, I’ve missed you. I actually see you sign in to skype every day and I am tempted to video call you, but I would never do that without first warning you. That trip and house sounds wonderful. The drive, notsomuch. We drove a long way to Colorado once but never again. I wonder if Ohio makes us any closer? I’m too lazy to check.

    Stephanie Precourt recently posted..Fingerprints


  7. love it. and we need to talk Disney please. and let’s hang soon.
    Katie White recently posted..Dead or alive?


  8. Yay Disney! I am so glad you got to go experience the magic. I leave for Disney in exactly one week and oh let’s say 4 hours give or take. Luckily my drive is only a magical 8 hours. YAY!

    P.S. Disney is totally a legit reason to not blog.


  9. Sounds like you had a great time :-)

    Canning is always fun and Disney, am jealous!!!!!


  10. Hiding in the hotel is the worst. I spent an evening under the scratchedy-est comforter ever barely able to breathe and blogging on my phone with one thumb. Every one in their own room? Priceless.
    joules recently posted..Until Then


  11. I’m jealous about Disney AND the canning class. I’m a total canning freak. Next year you, Casey, and I should just can our life away in my big kitchen. It could be epic.
    Ami recently posted..It’s still rock and roll to me.


  12. I love this photo I like visit Disney also its a great experience..
    Bianca recently posted..Business Opportunities in the UK


  13. Missed you. So glad to see you back.


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