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you get what you ask for, unless you’re three |

you get what you ask for, unless you’re three

Yesterday I vowed to never ever ever ever take Gage to Target again. And I’m totally going to stick to my guns on this one, until of course I need to go to Target again, which actually might be tomorrow.

Because yesterday, I made a total rookie parenting move, and paid for it dearly.

He was being such a good little shopper, and I was proud of him. And while I’ve never done this before, I decided to treat him for his behavior.

Gage, do you want to go pick out a little car from the toy isle?

If your a mom to a young boy, chances are you know exactly what cars I’m talking about. You know, the .92 cent Hot Wheels, or .88 cent Matchbox cars.

But when we got to the toys, he didn’t want anything to do with the less than a dollar cars. Naturally, he wanted a $11 car. And then a $52 somthingsomthingstupid toy. Which can I just rant for a second that the less than a dollar cars are kept way up high, and the expensive toys are at 3 year old eye level? Well played, Target.

I desperately tried to woo him with the little cars, but he wasn’t having it. We argued/begged and bartered in the toy isle for a good long time, he became defiant, and there was no turning back.

When the situation escalated to a full blown kicking on the floor temper tantrum, I picked him up and headed to the door. He was screaming at me, growling “you’re mean” as loud as he could, and even at one point started to yell “ouch ouch ouch you’re hurting me” even though I was not at all hurting him, but merely carrying him out of the store.

But wait, there’s a silver lining to the story!

For the very first time, nobody once rolled their eyes at me during my moment of weakness. The cashier was really helpful, although she did ask Gage if he needed and nap, which YES. And then in the parking lot, an elderly woman held her umbrella (it was raining sideways) over poor and ignored baby Paul’s head while I literally had to wrestle Gage into his carseat.

On a related note, it was 80 degrees in Indianapolis today. Gage insisted on wearing his Halloween costume all afternoon.




















We even walked to the park to play, where he only threw one fit next to the swings. I’ll tell you what, tempertantrum are way more tolerable when the kid is wearing a Brobee costume.

photo by casey.






  1. Classic. Good times. At Target. Glad people were helpful and not judgmental.
    PS – love the costume.
    Heather recently posted..8 Amazing Halloween Cakes


  2. ahhhhh…this is when I remember that Gage and Annie are the same age. I just wrote about her tantrums. God, these kids are just so fun.

    (Annie wore her Halloween costume all day today, too.)
    Heather recently posted..This Is Why She Can’t Have Nice Things


  3. Um, sounds like my 3 year old. Except for the costume part. I’d have had to actually made their costumes for that to happen. Word Girl and Captain Huggy Face won’t just make themselves!
    Jennifer S recently posted..Adoptions & Airplanes: A Different Kind of Baby Shower


  4. So glad people were kind and helpful. I ALWAYS want to help a mom when I see her struggling like that, but I’m afraid that no matter what I say or do to help it could be taken the wrong way. I never know what the right thing is.

    Target seems to be a magical place where all kids misbehave. Ugh.
    Kat recently posted..Practice


  5. OH Emily….this is totally true. Been there done that..
    Glad people were helpful and not cruel.
    jaime recently posted..#tht :: it’s been to long


  6. My oldest pitched fit over wanting a ball from the bin at Target once. I think I posted about it. I still glare at that damn bin when I go in there…

    And yeah, kinda hard to stay upset with him sporting that costume.
    Elaine recently posted..I’m Spent. Can You Tell??


  7. Of course my son threw a tantrum or two when I took him shopping many years ago, but the tantrum most recent in my mind is when I took my 2 year old niece on a quick trip to Kohl’s. She was tired (problem #1) and it was close to lunch time (problem #2) and she had a huge meltdown in the store in the checkout line. Thankfully she was in a stroller so she couldn’t run away from me but she screamed blood murder and I was never so glad to get her into the car where no one would have to hear her.


  8. If the costume makes the tantrum more tolerable, my child is LIVING in her costume! That may be the only way we all survive the next 15 years.
    Gamanda recently posted..The magical world of grieving through a 3 year old’s eyes.


  9. Oh my gosh, he looks SO grown up in his costume! I started reading you when Gage was a baby and my own daughter had just been born. My, oh my how much this picture reminds me that things have changed! My brand-new son is now that same age, and Gage (not to mention my little girl!) isn’t quite so little any more… Anyway, I still love you from afar. Thanks for lighting up my days with stories about Target. 🙂
    Melissa recently posted..Grateful for


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