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festively stuffing the ugly

Within the first two hours from coming home from the long Thanksgiving weekend in Michigan, I had already unpacked, got the laundry started, cleaned out the refrigerator, ordered take-out pizza for dinner, and requested the boxes of Christmas decorations to be fetched from the garage attic.

I could feel Michael’s eyes roll, but not being in the mood to question my manic reasoning, indulged in my demands.

But before he went out to the garage, his one and only request was that we dealt with the 30 odd Ugly Christmas Sweaters sold over the weekend. To date we’ve sold over 370, I think close to 400 if you count offline sales.

Folks, that a ton of tacky.

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There was a point this weekend when my anxiety was the highest, I actually shut Junky Brilliance down for about 18 hours. No worries, it’s back up and running. And please, if you’re in need of an ugly sweater, let me know. Deep (DEEP) discounts for blog readers. Shoot me an email, and let’s get the party started.

But once the ugly was stuffed, I got right to the business of being merry. Michael hauled in our sad, sorry, freakishly fake looking Charlie Brown Christmas tree into the house, and the kids did their best to make it look awesome.

Every year I give each kid a personalized ornament, and this year they came from Fired Up Ladies. Paul naturally got an extra bonus “first Christmas” ornament, to commemorate his first holiday season.

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Thank you, The Nesting Spot for creating such a special treasure. Ugh, I adore this little elephant so much, it’s going to be hard putting that guy away come January.

And other than the tree, there wasn’t much else to do. Our house is small-ish, and the family is large-ish. Not too much space for added clutter. Since we don’t have a mantel, the stockings are ducted tape to a ledge with care.

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But I’m doing my best to fight the devil that is my anxiety. Walking down the stairs every morning and seeing the decorated tree,  watching the kids search for that damn elf (also worth noting, the elf absolutely will not be using the toilet this year) is one small way I’m trying to overcome my anxiousness.

The last thing on the list is deciding if I’m going to make Michael climb on the roof and hang some lights. Piper and Nola have been begging for some outside lights, and they’re completely not impressed with my rustic winter green bouquet at the front door.

Front door decor, you know what this is really for, don’t you? Us city folks have them not to be festive, but instead so the UPS guy can hide small packages from the naughty neighborhood kids who like to stuff bubble mailers (containing $5 barbie DVD’s, who’s being punked now) in their big baggy coats.

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I tell you what, I try my best at being crafty. Just not the Martha Stewart kind.






  1. Your outdoor “hiding” place is much more festive than ours – which would be 6 bricks stacked up in two piles that will hide those deliveries. Talk about tacky…
    Katie recently posted..Thanksgiving aftermath


  2. Wow. You are ON THE BALL! I love your decorations. Lovely! And I am so close to ordering a sweater for myself. Those are AWESOME!
    Kat recently posted..Feeling Merry


  3. Love your decor– it looks great! Stopping by from Adventures in Babywearing

    Mary, momma to many


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