how not to dress like a rodeo clown, thanks to Robbie Laughlin

There’s a misconception floating around that I only thrift shop, and never buy any new clothes for myself. And while it’s completely true that I do go beyond what “normal people” would feel comfortable buying secondhand, there are plenty of things I’m willing to spend a pretty penny on in order to be the very first owner.

Shoes and purses are a particular weakness for me. Because regardless of what size I am, pregnant, recently postpartum, or just having an “eat my feelings” sort of day, shoes and purses always fit pretty darn great. And while yes you can easily find great looking shoes and purses second hand, I’ve been known to get fixated on a particular pair of shoes (oh hello, Frye boots) or a specific purse (come to me, Liebeskind), and nothing else will do. Most recent shoe purchase?  These beautiful babies. Man, I love me a good moc.

And most recently, I discovered a pair of jeans that I actually loved so much I bought in three different colors. Levi’s Skinny Jeggings (less than $40 a a pair) have my heart, soul, flat a$$ and thighs.

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview E! news style corespondent Robbie Laughlin before a local Macy’s fall fashion show. To say I was nervous would be a gross understatement. Typically speaking, I’m far too awkward to talk to important famous people. Most the time, if given the opportunity to speak, I’ll end up saying something completely inappropriate or very much off color.

Backstage interviewing @robbielaughlin before the @macys fashion show.
(man I look hardcore tired in this photo)

But fortunately for me, at this particular event, I was with my very confident buddy Casey, and when it was our 15 minute time to interview him, we went in it together. Because I begged her to take me with her, so I wouldn’t have to interview him myself.

She made this lovely video, and I my contributing element was nervously laughing while avoiding any and all eye contact. Oh, and I held the camera.

So while the camera was rolling, my “listening ears” were open. I was soaking in the his most excellent fashion advice, hoping to retain a tip or two to bring back home to my closet.

You guys, he’s smart. But he did admit to wearing basketball shorts with uggs to get groceries at Whole Foods, something I feel is my obligation to share with you.

But I learned a ton in about 15 minutes time.

I learned I need to get a good blazer (which I’m totally thrift hunting for). And I learned that a good bra (right Angie?) can be your bff. And he also convinced me my wardrobe desperately needs a pair of nude heels. Which yes, I’ve already purchased.

I learned that I need to find a good tailor, and a trend is only my friend if it looks good on me. (words to live by right there)

But probably the one thing I took away from both the time spent with Robbie and the fashion show that followed is that clothes should be fun, and getting dressed in the morning shouldn’t be the chore that it’s become.

Now someone invite me somewhere fun, so I can test out my new fashion knowledge and put on real clothes. You know, a place proper enough to put on pants that have a button and zipper at the waist, instead of stretchy elastic.




  1. We should go to Harry & Izzy’s again! That would require real clothes … and my sinuses could use a good cleansing.
    Angie @ Just Like The Number recently posted..It’s Finally Here!


  2. It’s like you wrote this for me. As I lay here in my pj shorts and tank top, at 10:30am, while nursing the baby. Getting dressed hasn’t been fun for me for a while. So thanks, because I have some pep in my step to go find some key pieces.


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