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I tossed all my rules out the window and went thrifting |

I tossed all my rules out the window and went thrifting

1. I don’t thrift with children. I’ve done that before, and my children fall out of carts and land on their heads.

2. I don’t thrift on 50% off days or any other “special” days.

3. I don’t do Grand Openings.

And I most certainly never EVER EVER EVER:

4. thrift within 48 hours of Halloween. Because I mean business when I shop, and those frat dudes searching for bridesmaid dresses just get in my way and make me crabby.

But then I heard about a new Goodwill opening up here in Indy, and because I’m a glutton for punishment and it being ugly sweater season and all, I decided to load up the boys head out to the new store.

Bundled up in our thrifting best to chuck out the new Avon Goodwill. #gwgrandopening

You guys, it was magical, and I’m not just saying that. I mean, it was completely crowded and I may of hyperventilated a few times, but we totally came home with a huge bag treasures, for only a few bucks.

When I shop secondhand, I always go through the store in a particular order.

Home goods and furniture are always first. I quickly search for vintage pyrex, milk glass, and any other interesting type of mid century serving pieces.

Found the money spot. A whole shelf of milk glass. #gwgrandopening

On this particular trip, I found my mouth hanging open at the selection of milk glass and pyrex. I did witness a tragedy of epic proportions when a little kid with butterfingers dropped a small pyrex bowl on the concrete floor. I think I audibly gasped and had my own little moment of silence right there in the middle of the chaos.

Plus, I was just glad it wasn’t my kid. Bringing Gage down the glass isle is exactly like letting a bull run wild in a china shop.

My big home goods find was a  vintage Bake a Round glass tube, complete with original box and instructions. I’m going to try to fire it up later this week, I’ll let you know how that goes.

Next I hit up the women’s sweaters to see if I can find anything ugly or anything anthro-esque. I did walk away with 5 Christmas sweaters and yes, one sweater (in my size) that I know was sold at Anthro two seasons ago. I’m on the fence if it’s really my style or not, but picked it up anyway and figure I’ll just give it to a friend if I decide against it.

Since I had Gage with me, we hit up the toys next. We found this old school Schilling kids accordion buried deep in the plastic wasteland, and even though I have even more rules about toys that make sounds and how they’re not allowed to enter my house, we threw it in the cart anyway. Because it was far too cool not to.

Favorite find from the @goodwillindy #gwgrandopening a vintage schilling kids accordion.

You guys, I’m changing my grandma ways. Rules are dumb, and this store proved me all wrong. Friends, you can find good stuff on opening day. And you can thrift shop with kids in tow, especially if you bribe them with as many suckers as they can suck.

Enjoying the treasure hunt. #gwgrandopening

Goodwill in Avon, Indiana? We will be back.

Got any burning thrifting questions for me? I’d love to try and answer them. While I’m no expert, I do have a ton of junky hours tucked under my belt.

*I was gifted a small Goodwill gift card as a thank you for attending opening day. I spent it, spent it all! Like a moth to a flame, you cannot keep me away from other people’s cast-offs.




  1. Indy gets such great Goodwills!! I am finding some pretty good ones out here in Ohio, tho!

    Stephanie Precourt recently posted..First Day of Preschool, Class of 2026


  2. Oh my gosh, that milk glass section is off the hook! Dang!

    I totally picked up an antique (has to be!) rocker off someone’s curb today. It is missing one “foot” – meaning the actual rocker part on one side, but I have a father who is good with wood work and this thing is gonna be awesome! I’ll let you know… 😉
    Elaine recently posted..My Kids Are SO Stinkin’ Cute, Don’t You Even Try to Deny It!


  3. So let’s see that sweater…
    moosh in indy. recently posted..twenty years from now.


  4. Ah, the hunt for treasures. I love it to.


  5. I cannot WAIT until I can thrift again on a more regular basis. I miss it so much.

    And I agree with Casey…let’s see that sweater!
    Rebekah recently posted..remembering hope.


  6. Do you keep the Pyrex all to yourself or do you resell it? The current Pyrex is crap and I am forever looking for vintage pcs for myself. Thanks to my mother I am good on cast iron. My sister was at the grand opening too and said there was TONS of great stuff. She is a weekly Goodwill shopper. I’m almost never without my girl so it is very hard for me to thrift with her in tow – but I will use your route next time and see if I have any success.


  7. I saw all the pics that Goodwill was Instagramming (that’s a verb, right?!) from the grand opening of the Avon store and saw some true treasures. The milk glass selection is making me drool! I am in the process of hunting for milk glass to incorporate into the centerpieces for my wedding reception. I may need to drive to Avon!


  8. i broke the rules, too…brought my boys with me AND we took home a vintage kids accordion. i decided the sound is actually nice. lower tone than a harmonica and can kind of be soothing in the car.


  9. #4 makes me laugh…a lot. 🙂

    And yes, the Schilling you had to have. Way too cool to leave it alone, buried on a shelf.

    I need to get over my fears and just dive in to this. I always love seeing your finds 😉
    Shannon recently posted..who has your vote? #election2012


  10. I love your thrifting posts. Each time I read one I get THIS closer to checking out some spots around here. But I am just so insecure. I would need a seasoned buddy to help me, I think.
    Katie recently posted..Ready, Set…BABYHUDDLE!


  11. I find I do my best Trödel-Einkaufen (Thriftshopping in German) on a Tuesday morning. Monday kinda sucks and on Wednesday the kids have the afternoon. On Thursday it is too close to the weekend and Friday and Saturday is of course a no-go zone. 😀
    Last time I went I found a wealth of retro cake dishes, one rotational.


  12. Yes I can prove it:
    The metal one rotates, hence the little white knobs. 😀


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