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The (scale) can only go up from here |

The (scale) can only go up from here

Have I ever told you how baby Paul is taking after his birdie sister and is impeccably tiny? Yeah, he’s holding his own in the 2nd percentile. And at almost a year old, he weighs just under 17 pounds.

Yes, I feed him.

His weight would be extremely concerning to me if he didn’t have a 5 year old sister who weighs only 33 pounds. But since I feel like I’ve been down this worrisome “failure to thrive” (which can I say for a minute how much I absolutely cannot stand the term “failure to thrive”) road before, I’m doing my best to not to let it bother me too much.

But because of his size and his disinterest in crawling (don’t think I ever mentioned it, but he also has a minor case of  diastasis recti which has lead to a weak-ish core which is contributing to his lack of mobility), we’ve started to go to the pediatrician every few weeks for a weight/progress check.

So yesterday morning, baby Paul, Gage and I went to the pediatrician to sit on the scale and have a little chat about his progress. And while our pediatrician was going over his vitals, she discovered he currently has two fairly significant ear infections.

I mean honestly, how does that even happen? Tell me, how can a kid be so sick and I not even realize it?

He can turn my gray sky.

I tell you what. Babies are super weird.

And now I’m left to wonder what else I’m missing that’s sitting right under my nose. Tomorrow I’ll probably discover an 11th toe or something. Or maybe a third nipple. TRIPLE NIPPLE!





  1. No way that happy baby has failure to anything! 🙂 And if it makes you feel any better, my almost year old went in for his 9-mo check-up and was diagnosed with an ear infection. The NP asked me, has he been showing any symptoms? I pointed to him and said, “This is apparently him with an ear infection,” as he giggled and attempted to climb the walls.


  2. Miss Add would ALWAYS do that to me with the ear infections. I would never know until the doc would look at me in horror of how bad they were. Some kids hide it really well. She would never complain and was always cheerful. Crazy.
    Cris Goode (@crisgoode) recently posted..Wii Games for Kids


  3. Jennifer Jackson says:

    My son has the ear thing too. Our pedo says its because he is so used to the pressure that its just normal for him. We never know until it’s really bad and 3 AM! Always the middle of the night and off to the ER we go. AJ has been evaluated by an allergist and ENT and so far no treatment has worked. Luckily my guy is a trooper. I wish you well with everything you and your little guy are going though.


  4. Elena was a tiny baby/toddler/preschooler as well, always well below the 10th percentile. The bonus? She gets awesome hand-me-downs from her bigger friends. And I’m not sure about Nola or Paul, but the girl can put away some food. She can eat nearly an entire Big Ugly Burger (over a pound of meat) herself, and still weighs in at under 60 pounds … at 10 years old. I wouldn’t mind having that kind of metabolism myself.
    Angie @ Just Like The Number recently posted..Disney Recap: The Calm Before the Mouse


  5. OH MY GOD Emily. He’s the cutest baby ever! I LOVE HIM!

    And the ear infection thing… happened to my little guy, too. They’re so strong, huh?
    Loukia recently posted..On Top Of The World


  6. OMG, that totally happened with Molly once! I had NO idea she was sick & we went into the ped for something else…and was told she had two severe ear infections. I was just in shock!

    And you know how well i’m on the same train with you babe. Molly just now tipped over 40lbs at the age of 7. Kennedy is just as bad (and she’s got the whole weak core thing going for her too). I can sympathize so distinctly with what you’er going through.

    But skinny or chunky, our babies are awesome 😀
    Sarah Cass recently posted..A Simple Sleep Aide


  7. He is so precious Emily 🙂 And you know what…percentiles shirmentiles…they don’t mean a THING. They were made up decades ago based on formula fed infants and it wasn’t even a huge population or diverse that they studied to make them up. They are full of it 😉 He really looks good to me. I know you aren’t worrying but just in case there is a little bit of wonder – don’t 🙂 If you are feeding him largely nutrient dense foods and lots of good healthy fats then he is getting enough for him and will grow when his body decides to 🙂


  8. oh my gosh, i can’t imagine having to go to the doctor every week. it messes up my whole week every time. i hate it.

    and just look at that face! he is obviously happy and healthy and thriving. 🙂
    Rebekah recently posted..perspective. (along with several much-hyphenated-adjectives.)


  9. Just took #5 for his 1yr appointment today and his weight is way low, too. And my #3 was tiny right along with Nola. We’re kindred mamas. 🙂

    Now we get to stress over each crumb that doesn’t make it into their bellies and how many ounces of milk they are swallowing and if their diets are perfectly balanced together again. Yippee!! :/
    Ordinary Sarah recently posted..This Is Why You Didn’t Have A First Birthday Party


  10. From what my pediatrician told me you really only have to worry if they were once hardy and then start to loose weight and drop off the charts. If they have always been slight it is probably just a metabolism thing. Though it is always good to keep an eye on it.
    Also? You must have a super tough kiddo there not to complain about a double ear infection. My kids were the same way. One day they would just mention that their ear hurt a bit and I’d take them in and the doc would be shocked by how bad their ears were. Kids are hardcore!
    Kat recently posted..That Was Fun


  11. Zoe was in the 1.59%time the last time I took her to the doctor. But she’s growing for her. 🙂


  12. Oh, Lord almighty. What is the opposite? Excessive thriving? At 2 months, my son weighed 15 pounds, and I’m convinced that at 4 he is somewhere between 17 and 20. Yeesh. And still I can’t get rid of that ugly arm fat even though I’m doing baby curls 50 bajillion times a day! 😉 Congrats on one adorable little man, and an awesome first year to go with it!
    Melissa recently posted..The best decade


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