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suddenly I see’s (and eats) candies |

suddenly I see’s (and eats) candies

Last night one of my little girl dreams came true. Only 29 years after my 5th birthday, I was given the chance to eat all the chocolate in the candy shop. No, literally. I went to a real live candy shop and could unabashedly eat whatever my little gooey heart desired. Picture the scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Augustus Gloop starts drinking out of the chocolate river. Basically, that’s what I looked like and felt like last, sans the part where he gets sucked up the pipe and sent to the Fudge Room.

You see, I was invited to a little media preview for the new See’s Candies store that recently opened at The Fashion Mall in Indianapolis. (Side note, if you love shopping, this mall in itself is worth a trip to Indy. I’m talking West Elm, Anthropologie, LUSH, Nordstroms, Urban Outfitters, Saks, JCrew, Apple, and now See’s Candies. I think you get the picture, don’t forget to pack life’s savings.)

sees candy shop in Indianapolis
















Any-who, back to the chocolate.

Until yesterday, I had never heard of See’s Candies and in hindsight I can’t believe I’ve survived this long. And while it’s a new company to me, it’s been around since 1921. Ninety years is a long time to be making and selling chocolate, which means it’s probably a household name to many of you. And for those of you that knew about this candy company and forgot to tell me about them? SHAME, I THOUGHT WE WERE BETTER FRIENDS.

But last night, I rocked the candy shop Willy Wonka style. Or was it Lucy and Ethel style? Remember that scene from I love Lucy? Yeah, Casey and I went head-to-head competition style.

This is my nervous face, psyching myself up for the competition:

Clearly, Casey is not phased.

nervous to compete
















And this is me in action:

You can’t see my hands, because they’re moving too fast.

Just kicked @mooshinindy's candy covered trash in a chocolate packing competition.

You can see my determination, and you can also see Casey’s hands. (*ahem*)

So guess who won all the bragging rights forever? THIS GIRL!

(I attribute my success to my time spent as a carnie, and the fact that I have suspiciously small hands.)
















*victory dance photo snagged by @justshireen.

So what did I learn? Well, other than realizing I missed my true calling as a chocolate candy boxer-upper (that’s the term, right?), I learn that I have a new chocolate addition so intense it might take the place of my past desires to eat all the hot wings. Specifically, I can’t stop thinking about the fruit centered ones.

But I also learned that every time you visit, you get a free sample (over 1 million pieces given away annual). And I learned that at any time you can custom make your own box, which means you can get 12 pieces of lemon truffle (or raspberry cream, which is a close second in my favorite book) and nobody can stop me.

Also, they hold the world record for the largest lollipop.

You guys, See’s candy is a must. If you’re privy to living close to a local store (over 200 nationwide), you must stop in, at least to nab your free sample. And if See’s Candies is new to you, well, Valentines Day is right around the corner and they have an online store. DO IT.

Disclaimer: I’m a chocolate eating professional. If you try eating as much as I did last night you might really hurt yourself, and I wash my hands of your stupidity.

Disclaimer 2.0: All the chocolate was provided to me by See’s Candies. My opinions are my own, just like my love-handles.




  1. I would SO try to give you a run for your money on the chocolate eating. You going to be at Blissdom? ;-p

    Seriously, how awesome was YOUR night?! Love See’s. I did a giveaway with them a couple of years ago and the chocolates they sent for me were AWESOME!!
    Elaine recently posted..My ONE Word


  2. YUMMY and oh yeah, YUMMY! 🙂
    Loukia recently posted..Five Years


  3. Eating a See’s gourmet lollipop as I read this! It was great to meet you last night – glad we got to talk before my sugar-coma set in.
    Crystal recently posted..Indianapolis | Make it a #GlobieFamily Night with the Harlem Globetrotters


  4. FUN! I love See’s. Was just at one yesterday. Must not forget about the pieces I picked up, in my purse!
    Nanette recently posted..Bump Watch 2013: 37 Weeks


  5. Uh-oh, I walk through the Fashion Mall 2-3 times a week, didn’t need to know they give out samples! Sounds like you had a great night! P.S. Pinkberry gives out samples too. While I’m not an ice-cream/frozen yogurt expert, it is the best I’ve had!


  6. I have to get my butt there asap. Which is awesome since Crate & Barrel has been my hangout as of late.

    I may not make it look as cute as you two did though.
    classyfabsarah recently posted..Wedding Wednesday


  7. This is awesome and now I want See’s candy.
    Zakary recently posted..48 Questions


  8. My husband’s grandparents lived in Seattle and is Grandma sent See’s every year. Yum! We don’t have them in Ohio, nice to know they are moving this way though!
    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up recently posted..Out of House and Home


  9. If only there was a See’s near me! I don’t even thing there is one within a reasonable driving distance.
    akl recently posted..The Wedding


  10. Oh yeah, See’s Candy, at the mall that is but 1.5 miles from my house, is where I plan to gain back all this weight. It will take me…oh, two days or so.
    Heather recently posted..The Third Year Of Annie



  1. […] I had a fantastic time last night learning the in’s and out’s of this amazing company. If you want to hear a bit more of my (comical) adventure, I also blogged about the whole mess over at my personal blog, DesignHER Momma. […]

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