I let her shop, while actually keeping my opinionated mouth shut (sponsored)

She came into my bedroom this morning at 6:15am. “Hey Mom, I lost a tooth!”

Also (she said), “I don’t believe in the tooth fairy. I know you put those sparkly dots on the coins yourself…”

I play the game, telling her she’s crazy. This mama loves the magic and everything that swirls around with it. The shiny nail polish, the hiding of the quarters in the bed sheets. I hold tight to her young childhood memories, even if she wants to shake them loose forever.

She says there's no such thing as the tooth fairy.

A few days ago I took her shopping for spring clothes. I typically don’t take any of my kids shopping with me, my preferred method is to go by myself and bring the already purchased clothes home to them. I like to be in control, and I’ll admit it’s easier to avoid  obnoxious pieces if my children don’t realize they exist.

But on this particular trip, I took Piper with me. She’s getting older, and her desire to make her own choices is becoming more and more apparent every day. I tell myself I need to respect this, and let her grow up. Even if it results in selections I wouldn’t necessarily make. Because clearly, I’M NOT EIGHT, and I suppose our fashion sense should differ a bit.

We went to Old Navy, which isn’t out of the ordinary, as we’ve been going there for years.

As a fun little experiment, I basically told her she had free reign of the store, and could pick out anything she wanted. The challenge? She needed to come up with at least 5 items, bonus if they could be mixed and matched to create a few different looks.

Naturally, she first headed to the epic wall of flip flops and picked out the happiest pair she could find. I understand this method well, as I too have tried to build a wardrobe around a shoe collection.

She's beggin' for Spring Break already. Only 33 more sleeps!

But her challenge stood:

A skirt.
A pair of shorts/capris.
A dress.
A tee.
A cardi.

…and apparently a pair of rainbow flip flops.

Five items, easy-peasy. But she could not go over $70-ish.

We were in and out of the store within the half hour. She came out victorious, got everything on her list, even a second dress to boot. Not bad, not bad at all. I *think* she might have inherited my love for treasure hunting.
















One of the highlights of the day was that we actually tried a few things on, and then if they didn’t fit right, got the proper size and re-tried. This isn’t a big deal to most people, but for Piper (and myself), who typically only shops second hand or online, it felt really good.

It’s like, we had options!

I probably don’t have to tell you this, but Old Navy prices are really hard to beat, especially if they have a good sale going on. I also really appreciate that almost all their girls clothes are age appropriate (and I’m talking about modesty here) which is super important to me if I’m going to allow Piper to make her own decisions.

I’m a fan. Piper’s a fan. Are you?

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  1. So cute! She did great!

    Stephanie Precourt recently posted..Pink Skies


  2. She made some great choices! But then, her Mom has great style so it totally makes sense. 🙂
    Elaine recently posted..Guitars and Stripes and Birdies, Oh My!


  3. Piper has some serious skills. Maybe she can help me out?
    Trinity still fits in all her size 10 clothes and I’m so grateful. It seems like once they hit size 12 (a.k.a. junior department) everything becomes tight, short, and inappropriate. I’m so scared she’s going to have a growth spurt soon. Hold me.
    Ami recently posted..From Africa, with love.


  4. I love their stuff, I wanted to do this post so bad too! Awesome job as usual Emily! 😉 She’s adorable 😉
    Shannon recently posted..site lovin’…some new blog reads for YOU!


  5. Love her fashion style 🙂


  6. Love the dress she picked out, so gorgeous!
    classyfabsarah recently posted..Left My Heart in Pennsylvania


  7. I love ON. But it’s hard to find cute boy stuff there, I found. Same with GAP. They are all about cute girl stuff (and stuff that is great for me), but finding little boy stuff there can be more difficult. At least around here.
    Katie recently posted..Baba + Boo Review {and Giveaway!}


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