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it’s half full of something, I promise. |

it’s half full of something, I promise.

When I get a bad ’bout of anxiety or depression (or is it anxiety and depression, because sometimes they’re just darn hard to keep separate), it fells like the weight of “the heavy” eats all my words.

If I could put to word into how I’m feeling, it would be like a whole messy novel of years worth of worry sitting on my lungs like a slab of concrete. So much to say, but impossible to put into complete sentences.

So on days where all my words are drying in wet cement, I’m left either to sit silent (which is often the best option), or find the half full. Which is typically way more than half full. Oftentimes, more like overflowing.

Things that make me smile (today):

Spring Break is in less than 2 weeks, and my (previously back-ordered) control top tankini from Lands End just arrived at my door. It fits perfectly, and doesn’t make me feel like a total grandma (but yes, a total MOM).

On Valentines Day, I was in the right place at the right time (twitter!) when I was gifted via 140 characters a pair of boots, thanks to the most generous company Paypal. You guys, even on my most frivolous of days I could never justify paying this much for something I put on my feet. Screw flip flop season, mama has a new pair of boot!

And then I became a very (VERY) lucky lady. Thanks @paypal, from the bottom of my soles. #treatyourself

Also, this photo was taken March 17 of 2012. Friends, that’s 10 days from now (a year ago). Currently there’s still a few inches of snow on the ground, but I think there’s still hope for a repeat. Don’t you?

















And due to a little well intended teasing, I’m happy to report that Gage currently thinks he has a shy little mouse living in his bellybutton. Man, three year olds are so unintentionally hilarious.

Oh, one of my newest obsessions, Freakers USA decided it would be a good idea to work with me on a little bloggy promotion. Now, all my beer/wine/liqueur bottles are properly outfitted with clothes. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Keep your eyes peeled, of course there will be more bottle ugly sweater talk in the near future.

Freaker!!!!! (The bottle sweaters, not the baby) look them up!

Your grammy, your aunty, your momma, your mammy (your lady cholula hot sauce bottle)…. I’ll freak that motha-freaker!

Speaking of freakers, I’m become freakishly obsessed with my crockpot. I’ve been on a Cuban rice and beans and Tikka Marsala kick, as of late. Oh, and gimme a whole chicken? I’ll stock that bird slow-cooker style.

And even though I feel like I’m a big black void of words, I’m constantly reminded about how fortunate I am to get to work from home, writing (blogging) about my family. Fresh up: Paul and all his mischief.

Speaking about blogging (we were talking about that, right?), I recently hired a designer to give this blog a fresh look. I’ve been writing here for over 7 years, and never once had a real design. Yes, I’m beyond pumped about this way overdue splurge.

Everyday I tell myself that instead of going to be early, I’m going to stay up late and get some words written down. So many stories and ideas to be written down, very little time to document. Night falls, and I curl up early. I just started this book, and two nights deep I think I’m in love.

And least we forget:

Yes it is.

Truth there.

Love you guys, thanks for sticking with me through the ugly.




  1. We have lots of snow here, how I long for spring and green!!!!

    Here it’s spring break week, school are close, but not a lot of kids playing outside for some strange reason!
    Renee recently posted..As seen on pinterest ~ lets make Art


  2. Amanda C says:

    I so hope spring is right around the corner (I’m also a central Hoosier)! I was just thinking that rappers should stay in tune with you…there’s the big Thrift Shop hit, now one of them needs to come out with a crockpot ditty!! You rawk girl!!


    Emily Reply:

    crockpot ditty. I LOVE!


  3. We don’t have snow OR tiny mice in our belly buttons. Why do you get all the fun, Indiana?
    Nichole recently posted..How I celebrated the internet’s greatest bread pudding event


  4. DUDE. I just got soooo so exited when I saw you’re reading the book thief. I audibly inhaled and Matthew thought something was wrong.

    But anyway, I fell in love with those characters. The most beautiful book I’ve read in awhile. I also cried, like sobbed, at one point but it was so worth it and never felt too dark bc it was just too beautiful. Enjoy it! I’m so happy for you that you’re reading it.

    Ok. This ridiculous comment is now over. 🙂


    Emily Reply:

    I’m excited to be reading it. Even more so after reading this comment. Whatcha reading right now?


    Rebekah Reply:

    I’m working on Anna Karenina, but took a break when the winter doldrums hit full force. Ive read it but pretty sure I majorly skimmed so i don’t remember a whole lot. Also started a YA series called inkheart I think. It’s kind of just whatever so far.

    Always looking for recommendations!


  5. And I do fully realize how ridiculous it is that I said I was happy for you that you’re reading it. It’s just, it’s that good.


  6. I loved everything about this post.


    Emily Reply:

    I love and miss you HUGE time.


  7. I too am crossing my fingers for a repeat of that weather. That was SO nice and so helpful getting out of the winter blahs.

    In the meantime, I’d just shake my bootay around town in those cute boots. I’m way jealous.
    classyfabsarah recently posted..Wedding Wednesday: And the Winner Is…


  8. Omg. Those boots. I die.

    Get some sunshine this weekend. 🙂
    Jessica recently posted..What I’ve been into: January 2013


  9. I suffer from the word eater too. And that guy is not going hungry these days. All of these things made me smile and that is quite an accomplishment.
    joules recently posted..The Musacks – Lily Allen


  10. I just pinned that Cuban rice and beans recipe. I’ve been on a Latino food kick lately. I blame my profession. Speaking Spanish all day makes me crave the food too.

    Ah the Book Thief. Yes, you will love that book.
    Katie recently words


  11. Hangin’ in there with ya, girlie! And those boots rock and Paul is so stinkin’ cute.

    Elaine recently posted..Old School Blogging, March


  12. I’m slogging through Anna Karenina (again) but it is SO boring…I have 2 books in queue – THe Unbearble Lightness of Being and Keeping Safe the Stars. I will probably have to return them to the library before I even get to crack them open. I have decided that Central Indy is in a snow globe. Last year was such a tease…But it did a number on my garden. Rock those boots!!


  13. I love those boots!

    Keep on keeping on, Momma.


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