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A coffee shop proposal |

A coffee shop proposal

Pretty sure there’s no need to rehash the news at this point. We all know just how horrible and brutally cruel this past week has been. Horrible stuff in Boston. Painful and beyond tragic suffering in Texas.

This week, this month, it’s been emotionally and mentally challenging.

These days, I’m not watching the news or even really even turning on the TV. I squint at facebook and twitter through half-opened eyes, glancing over my feed quickly before shutting it back down. Because if there’s one thing I do know about myself, it’s that sometimes ignorance is bliss. I don’t need to know all the details, and see all the photos to understand the magnitude of brokenness being experience.

I know people are suffering. I know there’s widespread unfathomably pain taking place across this country, around the globe. And just knowing that is enough information and saturation for me.

And while I’m trying to stay away from media as much as possible, this morning I found myself having a hard time doing so. For whatever reason, I couldn’t turn off the television. I could physically feel my anxiety level heighten, yet there I stared.

At 9am, the babysitter came for the boys and instead of working from home how I normally do, I packed up my gear and headed down the street to the coffee shop for a change of environment.

And wouldn’t you know it, love and reassurance meet me at that coffee shop and my hope in humanity was renewed over a hot latte and toasted bagel.

As I sat plucking away on a super boring freelance article (just being honest here, it’s not always fun and game), I was privileged to witnessed firsthand the best moment of a complete stranger’s life. Without any warning (or dropping of the knee *ahem* what’s up with that?), the women sitting in the booth next to me was offered a marriage proposal and a very beautiful engagement ring.

Between audible gasps, she said yes.

I need to see this LOVE. I needed to feel this extreme joy and happiness. My bad mood and pessimism  were washed away with her happy tears.

On dark days, when we start to think violence and hate for our fellow sisters and brothers is the norm, it’s refreshing to be reminded first hand that there is a ton of good to be had.

That girl I saw get proposed to a couple hours ago from across a coffee shop booth? She’s having the best day of her life, I know it. And to witness such elation on days when the world feels so dark and heavy is refreshing.

This all consuming hate and violence preying on our souls? I’m optimistic that we can beat it.

Peas in a pod, these two.

Let’s seek out the lovely, and figure out how to make it multiply.

Best! Days! Ever! (they don’t have to be a thing of the past)




  1. This is exactly how I feel. I’m sending love and light to Boston and Texas and every other corner of the globe where bad or hard things are happening, but my tv is off and I’m keeping my eye open for the lovely.
    joules recently posted..Trifecta: Color


  2. On Wednesday morning I took myself out to breakfast after being on the TeeVee. The girls in the booth next to me were sisters and one told the other she was pregnant.
    I bought their breakfast too. Happy mamas make happy babies.
    Casey-moosh in indy. (@mooshinindy) recently posted..sometimes is when we need the always


    Cherie Reply:

    @Casey-moosh in indy. (@mooshinindy), Love it! 🙂
    Cherie recently posted..Welcome Money Smart Week Participants!


  3. This post was just what I needed. Clarity.
    Cherie recently posted..Welcome Money Smart Week Participants!


  4. what a sweet moment to witness 🙂 and same here, sometime I stay away from media for my own sanity. Horrible things happens, makes me sad, but I can’t let it control my life.

    Just a reminder that times flies by, and enjoy those precious moment whenever they happen, even at the coffee shop 🙂
    Renee recently posted..The card


  5. Yes!
    “Love, actually, is all around us.”
    Kat recently posted..Bittersweet


  6. Beautiful
    The Many Thoughts of a Reader recently posted..Currently…


  7. Let me instantly pick up ones rss feed while i can’t find your current e-mail monthly subscription url and also news letter program. Conduct you may have every? Nicely allow for myself recognize in order that I’ll subscribe. Thank you.


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