The dickies have passed and we’re feeling fine

Funny how a literal rise in temperature can warm and uplift my mood. I mean, today isn’t really any different than last week. Same ole stuff, except it’s 80 degrees out which makes everything so much more tolerable. The weather outside makes a huge difference when it comes to my anxiety. A much bigger difference than I care to admit.

We’re enjoying these warm days by doing what we always do. Work a little. Play a little. Clean a little. And love a little. Gage has upgraded his black rain boots to red rain boots, and rain or shine he wears them.

Little boys, they make me laugh all dang day.

For instance, last week he was a little dick. Like, dick enough to not eat dinner, and so dick he just wanted to lay around and watch screen all day. But not so dick that he couldn’t ride his gooter, or eat copious amounts of nacks whenever he felt like it. Fortunately for all of us, the dickies have passed and he’s feeling back to his normal unintentionally hilarious self.

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And our new favorite “treat yourself because it’s Tuesday and you deserve it” celebratory beverage has become chilled bubble tea. Basically, it’s a smoothie with tapioca boba balls mixed in. Friends, I could drink these unexpectedly delicious concoctions everyday all day if I didn’t have to drive across town and pay $2.75 a glass to enjoy them.

Fortunately for us, it’s not too hard to justify a treat. You know, we treat ourselves for not throwing a tantrums in Trader Joe’s. And we treat ourselves for waking up with dry SpiderMan under-roos. And sometimes, we treat ourselves because it’s the very last day of the month and mama met all her writing deadlines.

Speaking of which, working from home is probably the best gig ever, of you can keep yourself motivated enough to stay on task. For my last Disney post of the month, I wrote about baby Paul taking his first four steps. He hasn’t taken a step since, but you guys, I’m calling him a walker.

Work things. Tasty things. A few of my favorite things:

numberedsweetstuffPicMonkey Collage 1024x1024 The dickies have passed and were feeling fine


1. My dear friend Casey turned thirty-fun last week. Last night a handful of us ate sprinkle cake to celebrate. Shireen out-did herself with this one. I mean, it didn’t even look or taste anything remotely like clown puke. Happy Birthday Casey, DesignHER Momma lurvs you.

2. Kids shoes. I’ve giving away a $60 gift certificate to UMI. Friends, they’re expensive I’ll admit. But totally worth it. If you win, shop the sale section and I bet you can hop away with two pairs. (because that’s what I would do)

3. Freakers, man. Have you ever become obsessed with something and wanted to buy it in every color? Yeah, that. They came out with some new ones recently and I’m resisting the urge. Also, I’m considering hosting a sweaty backyard party in August just so I have an excuse use ALL THE FREAKERS.

4. You say BUMBLE, I say RIDE! It’s not everyday I get to give away a $400 stroller. But guess what, it’s totally happening right now. And if you don’t win, I honestly do think this stroller is tops and would 100% spend my own money on it. Honesty is the best policy, right?

5. Cool threads by AXL Brand. This small start-up is my new favorite and I wish I could afford to dress Paul “axl cool” everyday of the week. I’m having a blast promoting their gear, and of course there is a giveaway.

6. Page turning. I’m reading this book, Dark Places The dickies have passed and were feeling fine, by Gillian Flynn for book club. It’s dark and scary, in a good way. Kinda like me. Kidding not really.

7. Götz. Dare I say these dolls are better than those other 18″ doll with patriotic flair. About four years ago Michael bought Piper one when he came home from a business trip to Germany. Guess what? You can now buy them in the states (which is a new exciting development). And yup, there’s a giveaway for that too!

So yeah, stuff around here is good and well. Now go find yourself a frozen boba tea and relax in the sun for a few minutes. Because you deserve it!




  1. The kid will wear your grandad’s clothes and look INCREDIBLE. Style runs in your fam.
    joules recently posted..Dance Interlude – Icona Pop


  2. Happy you are feeling blessed and in a good place. And, Gage? Too stinkin’ cute!
    Amanda recently


  3. I’ve never had bubble tea before, and I forgot about it. I’m stickin’ that on my bucket list now.
    Smellyann recently posted..Sea World, Orlando, & Downtown Disney


  4. I SO get this – we call it “the turd” – by it, I mean him. STOP BEING A TURD.
    I love bubble tea!


  5. We are loving the nice warm weather here too, we even got a bit on a tan going on :-)
    Renee recently posted..No more frumpy mama


  6. Dark Places was so good, in the creepiest kind of way. Have you read her other two? So good. So creepy. Don’t ever cross Gillian Flynn.
    Michelle@Gotchababy recently posted..We Did It! Listen to Your Mother Indianapolis is a Wrap


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