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to all of *nola’s fans* fans

After much begging from my six year old, last week I finally caved and let Nola set up a “fan stand” in our front yard. Because it’s a bajillion degrees out, and everyone could use a good homemade paper fan. Amirite?

And then without telling her, I posted her endeavors on facebook, and a few local friends stopped by and bought fans while she sat on the front stoop.

And then I took it a step further, and wrote a blog post about her shop. Because we all know brick and mortar stores are cute, but EComm is the way of the future. You guys, we had over 100 fan orders.

She is in heaven, and has even reluctantly taken on a business partner (Piper) to fulfill orders. Heck, she’s accrued business expenses. Like a fresh ream of paper and new scented markers.

The fan business is slow going. Since it’s a creative field, you just can’t rush it, fulfilling about 6-8 orders a day. She’s gone global, shipping fans out to Canada, Australia, Germany, NYC, Chicago, LA and absolutely everywhere in between.

So to everyone who has ordered a personalized fan from Nola? You are awesome.

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And eventually your fan will be mailed. Her working business hours are sporadic, it’s peek splash pad season, and she has a serious case of WET HAIR DON’T HAIR.




  1. This is awesome.

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  2. Child labour done right.
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