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Let’s talk about this thing called indoor running (sponsored) |

Let’s talk about this thing called indoor running (sponsored)

I’ve wanted to get “back in shape” for over 9 year now. Basically, since I birthed Piper, I’ve been dreaming of shedding those last 10, 15, 20 pounds whatever that just seem to linger on forever. I mean, it’s totally legitimate and 100% possible to get my pre-baby body back after having four kids, right? A little cardio, a little strength training, limiting of carbs, and BAM! – my boobs will totally perk back up and those stretchmarks will fad back to where they came from. Because that’s how biology works. Or not.

But still – I yearn to be in better physical shape than I am right now. To lead by example a healthy and active lifestyle for my kids.

And my exercise of choice is running or lap swimming it always has. The introvert in me adores that it’s a very solo activity – a place to get lost in my thoughts, a literal way to run (or swim) away from whatever is stressing me. And the social part of me loves all the crazy runs I can participate in with my friends and family. (speaking of which, The Sweater Run – I’m putting together a local Indianapolis team if you’re interested. I’ll even hook you up with a complimentary hideous sweater if you join…)

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not a runner.

I can huff and puff through about 2 miles – and then I start to internally cry. And in order to get through my 3rd or 4th mile, I need motivation. I’m thinking songs with curse words in them. Or a really engaging episode of Say Yes to the Dress or what not to Wear. I NEED DISTRACTION.

I’ve never in my life been one of those gals who can run a 1/2 marathon. But I want to be one of those girls who can run a 1/2 marathon…

You guys, I will run that Indianapolis Mini Marathon this spring. Write it in sharpie, folks – it will happen.

So here is the thing. I was asked if I would be interested in going on a 4 month fitness journey and sharing my experience. In exchange, I would be sent a pretty amazing treadmill to help propel me in the right direction.

My answer? Um, yes I would enjoy this very much, thank you. Because I’ve wanted a treadmill for only a million years, and it’s never been in the budget.

What you can expect from this ambassador campaign:

On weekends, a few times a month, I’m gonna talk about this fitness journey I’m going on. We’ll discuss our favorite work out gear, what motivates us, our favorite songs that makes us sweat, and how to prevent chub rub.

If this isn’t your thing? No biggie – it’s only on the weekend ’round these parts.

Will you join me?

boxed up smooth treadmill

She was delivered earlier this week, and despite her cumbersome size – with the help of a neighbor she fit like a glove between the Lego table and my grandma’s vintage piano.

like a glove

I’ve only run on her twice so far – but from what I can tell, her and I will get along just fine.

My personal trainer on the other hand? He can take a hike.

apparently this treadmill also came with a bossy personal trainer. "Mommy go faster, daddy goes faster!"

“Run faster momma, daddy runs way faster than you.”

Ahem, whatever child.

We’re set up and ready to run down this fake highway for miles and miles this winter, we’re only missing one crucial piece that wasn’t delivered in the box.

This girl needs a name. She’s a much loved new addition to our family – and to flippantly refer to her as momma skinny machine that we can’t go near (whatever kids, where did you come up with that?) would be doing her an injustice.

Help me name this sassy new workhorse.

I’m thinking Miss Hillie Millie or something…..





  1. Emily…that is awesome. Very jealous of the treadmill. Not sure you’d remember, but I sort of bullied you about signing up for the Indy Half marathon a few months ago and said I’d run the STL one, too. Well…TODAY I RAN MY HALF MARATHON!!! It was horrid. I do not recommend it and won’t do it again, but I said that the first time and here I did it again. A mini-marathon sounds perfect! Can’t wait to cheer you on this journey. You can do it!!!


  2. I’ve just been contemplating the mini also…. I have finished it before… Before I was a mom… When I had someone else’s body 😉

    I could be talked to some fun runs… I just really don’t enjoy running. I do like a fast walk though and better for knees…


  3. Woohoo! Congrats. I am right there with you at the two mile mark. I just cleared the laundry from my treadmill today. I can’t wait to hear some new music ideas. Especially the ones with curse words. 😉

    As for a name….hm…. how about Betty the Boss. She looks like she could kick my a$$.


  4. Woohoo! If you’re willing to set goals then you will totally be running that marathon.
    Sara C recently posted..Introducing the 2014 Craft Beers of Indiana Calendar + Giveaway


  5. about a year ago i thought i’d do the whole ‘get back into running’ thing again. and by ‘running’ i mean run the equivalent of a 5k without dying…the longest distance i’ve ever really run outdoors (or ever, if i don’t count that random 5 miler on a treadmill in grad school). oddly consistent side cramping that i couldn’t really get rid of stalled that and i haven’t managed to get back on that horse. so good for you. i’d love to join you, but i’ll have to find that motivation that you made mention of.

    and as for a name, anything sassy is always a ‘charlene’ to me. the association comes from an ex-boyfriend who had a big red truck that he named charlene. because, as he put it, she’s big, red, and southern (which to me equaled sassy). maybe she could be ‘lean, mean charlene.’ 🙂


  6. I’m terrible with naming things…Come to think of it I call my Jeep, Jeep, and my husband named our daughter, So yeah…However I will follow along on your journey. I am not a runner. I have an elliptical and we just got a weight bench. My goal in all of life is to be able to do one pushup and one pull up before I die. That is all. And fit into at least 3 pairs of the jeans I already own. I refuse to buy anything bigger than I already have. REFUSE!

    Then I got on a scale for the first time in I don’t know how long and I now know that I weigh 50 lbs more than I did 14 years ago. That tells you how often I weigh myself (I never pay attention at the Dr). FIFTY! Pounds! I don’t even know how or where! I’m the same height! So this weekend I am starting slow – just 20 minutes or so of activity on the elliptical and some weights. And I hope to keep at it for 3 days a week, then 5 days a week then add more time as I go.

    Good luck with your run! I’ll cheer you on from the sidelines!



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