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lice free, for now. |

lice free, for now.

Last Friday when Michael got home from work, we both almost simultaneously realized that the girls were now on a two week break from school. I mean, the dates had been on the calendar for months – but life somehow managed to fly by as usual, and well, I guess it’s October already!

So yeah, no school for awhile. And I forgot to really plan for the break.

I’m carrying on as business per usual, just doing my daily routine with four kids in tow. We’ve gone to the Children’s Museum (we’re blogging about it, naturally), gone to the YMCA to play, stocked up on books at the library, eaten hot and ready pizzas in the park (blerg, gross), and planned to host a slumber party for tonight. And of course, we’re making our weekly homages to all my favorite thrift shops because it’s ugly sweater season.

October is the most busy month of the year for me when it comes to junky treasure hunting. Fugly holiday wear time is upon us, and the stores are just starting to pull out their holiday crap. And of course, I’m determined to buy it all up before anyone else does. Sorry not sorry, Indianapolis.

Mama’s got a side shuffle to run.

All of the kids tolerate thrift shopping ok-ish, except for Piper. She say the stores want to make her vomit, and she’s done wearing second hand clothes and only wants to shop at Lands End. And I’m all – well miss moneybags, good luck with that.

Anyway, we’re doing a lot of thrift shopping over fall break.

all in the family

Want to know what’s challenging about thrift shopping with four kids in October? All! The! (Dirty!) Costumes!

Gage wants to touch, play with and try on every single mask and hat that he finds. And while I’ll buy most anything second hand, I do have standards and limits. Hats and masks are on that shortlist. Aside from that one time – we do not buy anything that might touch our head or face from a thrift shop.

So yesterday while trolling for sweaters, I see Gage putting on a pirate hat (you can actually see him grabbing for it on the photo above). I swiftly ask him to omgeeee get it off his head, and in his loudest voice possible (which literally sound like a pirate) he yells:


And then all the employees give me the shifty eyes.

Lice. Knock on wood this family has never had it. But at this point I’m planning on contracting it by the end of the month. Because how could we not?

But the thrifting reward? She’s often sweet.

Even though Piper wanted to vomit and Gage is trying to give us all itchy bug heads, on this haul we found 12 sweaters and two very lovely vintage cardigans for yours truly.

vintage sweater haul

I mean you guys – hand beaded vintage wool cardigans. The green one was $1.50 and the cream one was $3.25. Anthropologie style on a scavengers budget.

This is why I’ll never quit the hunt. Even if I get lice – which when it happens I’m totally blaming it on the public schools, I’ll still second hand shop.

Addictions, we all have them. Mine just happens to smell like old lady.




  1. love this post so much, and I just just just came back from thrift shopping and founds lots of goodies (I fully understand your addiction) Old lady smell and all 🙂
    Renee recently posted..If your wardrobe could roar


  2. I have a feeling if you ever do get lice it will be from school and not the thrift store! I don’t think they can live on clothes very long… by the time they put them out on the racks, you should be good. If that makes you feel better! I miss thrift shops! We really don’t have much here at all. 🙁 And I do hope you never get the lice…. we had it and it was one of the worst times of my life…

    Stephanie Precourt recently posted..Spot of Time


  3. hehehe. i’m snorting over here.
    The Many Thoughts of a Reader recently posted..Shopping for books


  4. Oh man, I needed that laugh this morning! Your kids are awesome. It reminds of the *one* time I took both kids to Angelo’s with me. I had bribed them before going in that if they were good they could each pick a treat … but that I had to inspect it first because sometimes not everything Angelo’s sells makes it out the door before it expires. Lord help me, every 30 seconds they would hold something up and yell, “Is this expired? Is this safe to eat?” I saw a shifty eyes that afternoon.
    Angie Six recently posted..Time Warp: 50 Years of Fear at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis {Ticket Giveaway}


  5. I always love reading about your thrifting. I could never do it, but I like to live vicariously through you.
    Katie Sluiter recently posted..Five Favorites on a Friday


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