Gage and the purple crayon

You know that story about the cute bald headed little kid that gets a hold of a purple crayon and draws some magical world to live in? Well it’s way less adorable when Gage finds a broken purple (“mom it’s technically indigo”, says Piper) crayon during his rest time.

Moons and circles around the dresser…

11299004824 abdae15b4b Gage and the purple crayon

Whimsy on the bookcase…

11298975376 9c1fe803a8 Gage and the purple crayon

Stickers and lines on baby Paul’s white crib. On every rail – not missing a single one.

11298943965 e8d91096d9 Gage and the purple crayon

And then because the purple crayon was put in his pocket post-naptime, Gage adorned his brand pirate ship with a little extra flair when his mom’s back was turned.

11298974646 192b2c5c5d Gage and the purple crayon

I know, I know – this destructive adventure could have been avoided – if only there wasn’t a broken crayon in the bedroom. But just like that one time he found a piece of money and put it in his mouth, keeping stuff from him isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Now how is the best way to remove crayon off woodwork?




  1. Magic eraser? It works on other surfaces. Test it out on a place where you don’t care to make sure it doesn’t strip the finish. Good luck. Sigh.
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  2. Since you have a shiny surface try WD-40 or cooking spray/oil. Magic Erasers are great for matte surfaces as they swirl the paint/pigment and you can’t really tell, It could be worse – my Mom had a place of glory on a living room wall that was decorated my nephew, niece, and daughter – all in permanent marker! She took pictures before they repainted the room!!


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