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It’s how I’m doing today. |

It’s how I’m doing today.

I’ve been asked countless times in the last week “how I’m doing” since telling everybody about our big move.

So how am I doing? Um, I’m not sure. One minute I’m on cloud nine, and the next I’m ready to call the whole shebang off. I’m overwhelmed, I’m full of energy and ready to get there ASAP, I want to ignore the entire process and curl up on the sofa and watch sad movies.


I saw this little meme over at Okay BA, and well, here’s my version:

appreciating that my family has been really healthy this winter. Knock on wood, not a single one of us has had to go to the doctor in months. In fact, I can’t remember the last prescription I’ve filled. Although Nola did have a staph infection scare last week (infected bug bite!) and then there was that time I thought Piper had lice (black sand on her scalp leftover from vacation!).

reading Eleanor & Parkby Rainbow Rowell. I’m also a few chapters into The Gift of Pain by Paul Brand & Philip Yancy. This book isn’t something I would typical pick up, but I’m really enjoying it – even though it has some really gross and graphic parts.

listening to Paul string together 3, 4, 5 words together at a time. Not to make your heart explode or anything, but today he said “mommy love you” to me for the first time ever, as he was getting tucked in for nap-time.

tasting our first hard cheese. A Farmhouse Cheddar – which I would classify as a beginner level pressed cheese. The verdict – it’s ok. The kids love it, but it’s a bit “bitter” for my taste. But we’re trouble shooting and learning from our mistakes. This past weekend we made Gouda, and this coming weekend we’re hopefully going to try our hand at Colby.

learning the French Word of the Day. I’ve set up a dry erase board in the kitchen, and everyday Piper translates and word for us onto the board. Today’s word of the day is “par” – it means door. Shut the front par!

noticing just how much stuff we have in this house. So much stuff to go through, so little motivation.

anticipating family coming into town this weekend. This move has put into perspective how much I love my family and friends – and just how much I’m really going to miss them when we’re away.

working on a few freelance pieces. Oh, and folding a ton of laundry.

helping Piper make homemade marshmallows and gummy bears.

making these Italian beef sandwiches for dinner. We’ve never had them before, so I’ll let you know…

taking passport photos of the kids. I realize now Paul was wearing footie pajamas with airplanes on them. He’s gonna love that when he’s seven…

watching the 5th season of Parenthood. This show, I just don’t know. But I keep watching because I have an addictive personality.

accepting that I can’t control everything.

organizing the family calender. I’m not a fan of the busy – and it’s getting busy fast.

planning to host dinner on Wednesday for my church community group. Also bringing a new mom in my neighborhood dinner. We’re going to have chicken bacon wild rice soup, crusty bread, salad, fresh fruit and some homemade ice cream. 

loving that when Gage gets excited, he uses lots and lots of exaggerated hand motions.

buying not much of anything. I’m more into selling stuff at the moment.

finishing nothing. I’m stuck in the middle of everything.

embracing a chaotic existence.

daring to clean under my sofa later this afternoon. What will I find?

So now you know how I’m doing. How are you doing?





  1. I love reading about your cheese-making journey. Someday I would like to try my hand at it, too. What’s your favorite type of cheese?
    Sara C recently posted..Top Picks for Devour Downtown 2014


  2. I love Gouda, it’s my favorite kind of cheese.

    French for door (not French door, why did my brain went there lol) is porte like in “FERME LA PORTE TOUT DE SUITE” meaning Shut the door NOW!!!! I used that several time a day here!!!

    Renee recently posted..The cure for cabin fever


    Emily Reply:

    ah, Renee – I think you’re right, and we are so screwed! Google told us is was “par”…


  3. I have loved Philip Yancey’s books since college. Haven’t read that one but Fearfully & Wonderful Made is also good. Love the format. I might need to do this too! 🙂
    Cherie Lowe recently posted..31 Ways to Kick Debt in the Teeth: You Can’t Buy From Every Fundraiser


  4. This is so cool. I just can’t wait to read your journey. I don’t know if I’ve commented yet on your new journey. I honestly can’t remember? But I’ve been following along everything, with jaw dropping awe.
    Erin recently posted..Welcome Home, Morgan


  5. Mmmm I want the recipe for the chicken bacon and wild rice soup!


  6. Hmm.. I love Iowa Girl Eats! We’ve made those sandwiches before and tomorrow we are making one of our faves from her blog, cheesy taco soup!
    The Many Thoughts of a Reader recently posted..Weekly Recap


  7. The nice thing is that you can say, “Oh, we have months before we move.” So just say that over and over whenever you feel overwhelmed.
    Also, you should check out Duo Lingo on the Ipad. My son is learning French from it, while my daughter is studying Portuguese. It’s free and it’s simple enough that two elementary students can figure it out on their own, but it also seems to do a good job at teaching them the basics.
    Ami recently posted..Dinner conversations.


  8. If it ever warms up enough and you decide to hold a moving sale let me know! I will walk over from my office and buy all the junk you can’t fathom moving with you!!


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