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the Belgian bomb: telling the kids |

the Belgian bomb: telling the kids

First off – thank you so much for all your kind words and encouragement on our big news yesterday about moving to Belgium. As far as I know, we’ve received no negative reactions (to our face, anyway) other than “I don’t want you to go – because I’ll miss you”, and to that, I fully understand. Because I’m gonna miss you probably more than you’ll miss me.

So the kids. They found out just a few days ago. Because if there is one thing I know, kids make poor secret keepers. So if we were ready to tell the kid, it meant being ready to tell everyone. Learned that the hard way when I was pregnant with Gage.

I had grand visions of how we would finally tell the kids about the move, but when it came down to the actual delivery – it ended up being a spur of the moment “let’s tell the kids right this very moment” spontaneous decision.

Michael walked in the door from work around 5pm last Wednesday, which was the day the news went public at his company, and was all “I’m gonna tell the kids now”. We had been keeping this secret for SO LONG and knowing the word was finally out with his coworkers, we just wanted to start openly talking about it at home too.

Oh, and to clarify – we’re moving to Belgium for his job. We’re not just crazy move across the globe without a plan of employment type people. I mean, we might be crazy – but you know, not that crazy.


I went to our bedroom and grabbed the globe off our bookshelf. Michael asked the kids to point to places they might wanted to visit someday. Gage said Star Wars (pretty sure that’s somewhere near Nebraska), Piper mentioned Hawaii, and Nola said she wanted to visit Paris.

Oh Paris did you say? Well what you think about living near Paris? Yes. Let’s do that. Let’s live (relatively) near Paris.

(and that’s how we told them)

My main camera (also know as my phone) was broken at the time so I quickly grabbed our archaic point-n-shoot. Thankfully it had batteries and I managed to grab this grainy shot:


Reactions from youngest to oldest:

Paul: Pokerface. I’m assuming as long as he has his Monney (blanket) his Mommy, and Mr. Thumbkin, he really could care less where we take him.

Gage: “Can I still be Darth Maul for Halloween,” Me: “um, sure”. Gage: “ok, I’ll go.”

Nola: I tell Nola we’ll get to travel a lot and see lots of castles, kinda like the ones in FROZEN. She’s totally on board, and I hope I didn’t just lie to her. Also, she’s been my most eager to play “French” apps on the ipad.

Piper: Being the oldest and maturest of the clan, actually understood the magnitude of the bomb we just dropped. She bursts into one million tears and sobs that she doesn’t want to leave her school, nor move out of this house. It’s taken some time and many conversations of reassurance, but she’s currently excited for the adventure as well (her feelings can also be soothed Belgian chocolate, I’ve learned).

So yeah, things are underway. You have no idea how liberating it feels to finally have all this out in the open.




  1. I think this is so wonderful! Will you be selling your house too? Also, I guess we won’t be coming to Indy this summer after all. We will try again in three years.
    Katie recently posted..On Writing


  2. I didn’t get around to commenting yesterday, but wow! What great news! What part of Belgium are you moving to – the French speaking side or the more Dutch speaking side? As a half-French girl myself, I’m in favor of beautiful Bruges. Brussels is mostly French-speaking too.

    Anyway, that is so exciting! I dream about having the opportunity to work/live abroad, but I’m not sure it will ever come.
    Stephanie recently posted..2013: The Year of Apocalyptic Memoirs


    Emily Reply:

    Stephanie – we will be moving to Brussels. And I’ve never been to Belgium, so yeah – it’s going to be an adventure to say the least.


  3. Oh my goodness! So exciting! We had quite a range of emotions when we moved to Ohio and then a few months later to the west coast! The tears and sadness was hard for me but the kids are so resilient… as long as you’re all together they adjust so wonderfully and yes- what an incredible adventure they’ll always have as part of their childhood. So awesome!

    Stephanie Precourt recently posted..Turning 37


  4. WOW!! I missed your big news yesterday but now I get to read ALL about it! SO COOL! What at adventure you all are going to have. I will love to read your international blog posts! Good Luck, when do you leave?


  5. WHAAAAAAT!? Belgium?! *sigh* I’m super excited for you and your family! I look forward to hearing about your adventures, but hate that you’re no longer going to be 10 hours away (because our plans of me driving to Indy never really came to fruition). Love you guys!! 🙂


  6. I am just SO SO excited for all of you … and so glad you’re a blogger so we can live vicariously through your travels. I know it’s not even close to the same magnitude, but we are 99.9% sure we’re spending the summer in Spain. While Eli is like Gage (yeah, whatever), Elena is had much the same reaction as Piper. The thought of leaving her friends and Taco Bell behind for an entire summer is just too painful to bear. I have a feeling once they get over there, they’ll grasp what a cool experience it really is. And hey – if the timing is right, maybe we’ll visit you!
    Angie Six recently posted..#TurnItGreen in a Sea of White


  7. @Katie: yup, selling the house, the cars, selling a ton of stuff. I’m looking at this as an opportunity for a fresh start, shedding a lot of clutter in my life.


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