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10 things |

10 things

Basically, I can’t write lately. I start posts in my head, oftentimes I finish them, but when it comes to actually sitting down and hitting the publish button, well that’s not an option.

If I was to post, it would be negative. This winter has sucked a big one (and I typically love winter, honestly), but anyone that has ever dealt with seasonal depression or anxiety would understand that I’m basically at the end of my rapidly fraying rope. I’m ready for spring to come quickly, but with the arrival of spring also means we are just a few months out from moving to Belgium. Guys, I’m overwhelmed with the details. Drowning in the “holy cow I really need to think about that”. Like, how my cats will pee/poop/eat during a cross-continental flight.

Don’t take pity – I know you won’t take pity. I’m a first-world train-wreck right now and I’ll be the first to admit it. Enough whining. Instead, I present to you 10 things I’ve/the kids have been up to.

1. For Valentine’s Day I made shrimp pad thai. Most everyone loved it, only my historically least picky eater Piper didn’t approve. What did I get Michael you ask? A custom box of See’s Candy – all white chocolate pieces. I personally think of white chocolate as the “fake” chocolate, but he loves it. I also got him Lonely Planet’s Europe on a Shoestring book. My guy likes frugal, so frugal European travelers we will become.

2. Last week all 5 of my family members had the stomach flu-like. Somehow I escaped, and I pretty much should have bought lotto tickets to celebrate. I feel that lucky.

3. My mom is coming this week to help me “deal” with the 1/2 cow I bought right before we decided to move. We’re making lasagna, pizza casserole, beef stew, taco meat, beef barley soup, everything! Also on the agenda: banana bread, bran muffins, beef stock, freezer pancakes, fresh mozzarella, hydrating beans.

4. I just completed my first week of 1/2 marathon training. Old ladies like me shouldn’t just start running 17 miles in one week, my shins are killing me. But I will run on…

5. I’m really into reading books set in Europe. Last week I read Anna and the French Kiss(modern day Paris!), The Girl You Left Behind ( WW1 Germany/France) and Under the Tuscan Sun (modern day Italy). If you have a favorite book set in a European location – let me know.

Sitting to my right is a husband white-knuckling it through very limited visibility. I, on the other hand, just finished a very lovely story.

6. Have I ever told you about my (cheap) favorite pair of jeans? I’ve been wearing them for years, and have them in every color (and also a few sizes, if I’m being honest). Levi’s you guys, highly recommended. And at only ($40, watch for the sales) they are a total bargain. Buy a size up (they’re jeggings for goodness sake) and get them from Zappos because you then get free shipping both ways.

7. Earlier this week my younger sister gave birth to a little baby boy, which makes me ridiculously happy. And if the snow ever melts between here and the upper peninsula of Michigan, I’ll finally squeeze that kid.

8. Everyday Piper picks a new French “word of the day” for our family to learn. Today the word is “wedding”, last week it was stuck perpetually on cold.

The word of the day has turned into the word of the week, possibly month.

9. Last weekend we visited Chicago for an overnight, as part of our immigration paperwork. We ate some Garret’s popcorn, ordered deep dish pizza from the hotel, swam in an indoor pool, went to the Shedd Aquarium, and drove home in a blizzard.

You should have seen Gage's face-o-horror. The ocean is now forever wrecked.(I see the shark’s belly button) (that’s a belly button, right?)

10. My youngest sister is getting married this spring, which is beyond exciting. I’ve been searching for a coral colored dresses like it’s nobody’s business. I currently have about 10 dresses en route to my house, ranging from $35 to $300. Let’s pray the $35 wins.

11. New words for the winter of 2014: Snoverit. Snowmagawd (snOMG!). Snojoke. Snowonder. Snowbegone. Snowhere. Snownami. Snowverkill, Snowverload, And my favorite, Snowtorious B.I.G.

You guys, so many great things are happening. And I never thought I would be one of those people who didn’t have time to blog, but life is busy. I think about publishing thoughts all the time, and only about 5% of the time does it actually happen.

Bear with me? I have stuff to say. Eventually…

*these days I’m much more active on Instagram and twitter than on the blog. Follow me there to keep up!




  1. My favorite French word is “pamplemousse.”
    Nichole recently posted..This week in homeschooling: Spelling, snow days and suspension bridges


  2. Way to go with getting a post out with all your recent happenings! Certainly lots going on and anxiety/SAD certainly doesn’t help. Maybe moving to Belgium will result in more sunshine? That’s what I did a few years back, moved to a much warmer place with lots more sunshine (within the US) and that certainly helped get rid of the SAD part. 😉 Good luck with all the adventures ahead!
    Jessica recently posted..Linden Method Reviews – Anxiety Cure?


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