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I hope this makes you feel more normal |

I hope this makes you feel more normal

A few days ago I was speculating to Michael that a mutual friend of ours might be really unhappy in their current living/employment situation. His reply: “No way, they are not unhappy! Do you see all the fun stuff their doing (and posting) to Facebook? Man, I would love to be him.” (or he said something very similar)

My response: It’s an illusion, Michael. (said in my best GOB voice, for all you Arrested Development fans) We put out all our good, edited, happy stuff, and skip over the hard stuff.

I haven’t showered since Sunday morning. There will be no selfies of me posted today on any social media channel, but this is the way I look 85% of the time in real life. I guess what I’m saying is, something might look amazing on the outside (Facebook) but it’s not an accurate picture of their bigger story.

This past week has been a little hard for me in the mom arena. Nothing big or specific, just a bunch of little things that add up. So many times have I wanted to vent on social media, but then I self edit and remind myself nobody really want to hear about it.

But then I got to thinking, maybe instead it might make somebody feel just a little more normal about their not-so-easy life as well. Misery loves company, right?

Current oh no you didn’t just say that:
Gage when I ask him to do something: “You are just my mom, not the boss of me.”

Gage when I asked him to start getting ready for bed: “You’re a beautiful big fat butt mommy.”

Nola’s response when asked to turn the TV off: “Do something for yourself for once”. (worth noting, she got epically punished for this.)

Current Parenting Fails:
Last week Paul had hand, foot, mouth disease for the second time this winter. I realized this Monday morning, after spending 2 hours in the church nursery, exposing ALLLLLL his little friends.

Gage’s boots were stolen from the YMCA childcare watch last weekend. You know, the only footwear he will wear day or night, regardless of weather.

Paul took a green marker to his “peanut” (yes that peanut) in his pants while I was in the basement trying to find him a clean pair of jammies.

Last night Paul had a chunk of mystery poop on his finger. I spent a good while trying to find the source. It’s still an unsolved mystery.

Frozen pizza for dinner. Two nights in a row.

And lastly, this haircut.

gage hair

Holy Hellz, I actually paid money for him to look like that.

Tonight I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I’ve hired a babysitter to come over and feed my kids dinner and put them to bed for me. I’m going to run errands, visit with a friend, and if I still have time to kill might even get a pedicure. DURING BEDTIME. Because I’m tired, and I need a break.

I hope this makes you feel more normal.




  1. My kid just got her first bath/shower in 6 days. I kept spraying her hair for daycare and hoping the food from the day before wasn’t too obvious when I kept forgetting to bathe her/wash her hair. We watched 8 episodes of Daniel Tiger on Saturday.
    The Many Thoughts of a Reader recently posted..February At a Glance


  2. No judgement here. Cereal for dinner happens way more often around here than I want to admit.
    Carinn H. recently posted..*shiver* *shudder* A MOUSE in my HOUSE!


  3. Oh this post sounds SO familiar!! And it is my favorite thing these days to have a sitter over to feed my kids dinner and put them to bed. Coming home to a quiet house…blissful.
    Rebecca recently posted..Family Photos


  4. Yes, I love this post! I don’t remember when the last time I took a shower was. Maybe Sunday?
    Heather recently posted..While You Were At Preschool…


  5. Thanks, that does help 🙂 We’ve had an epic week, too. O sick with the pukeys starting last Wed. night/Thurs. Off school Fri. for recovery. Seemed great, so went ahead with scheduled birthday party Sat. (cue all of the running around and preparation involved with that, despite it being a ‘school friends’ party at a venue other than our house). Sunday night cue pukeys from A and the husband…like, really bad pukeys. Find out that there are lots of other people sick (including school friends–but thankfully not just school friends that we saw, so it’s not totally our fault). Today is the first day in a week that our schedule is even close to normal, and everyone is back in school/at work. I’m the only person who has yet to get sick, and I’ve spent the last week taking care of pukers, Clorox-ing everything, doing puke laundry, and washing my hands until they nearly bleed. Can I sleep now? Please?


  6. Oh my what a week!!!! And I feel your pain, because I do experience some very similar things here ALL THE TIME and yes I am TIRED!!!!! Hoping that your time spend away was rejuvenating!!!

    Renee recently posted..Lets play in the snow


  7. I plan to shower tonight after a trip the gym. I haven’t done so since Sunday either. Sunday I got out of cooking since it was my birthday. Monday & Tuesday I ‘had’ to cook. My excuse is that since it is I-Step week J needs decent meals instead of cereal or Easy Mac. But you bet your bum I am going to either eat out or eat cereal for dinner on Friday!!

    WHY would someone steal a childs boots? I try not to judge but I am totally going to right now and I’m not sorry. If I saw those same boots on another child next time I was at the gym I would totally call out the parent. If they feign oblivion on not knowing what shoes their child wears I’d say they were a liar. Not knowing every pc of clothing is one thing, but shoes, and especially boots…Totall asshole, right there. Sorry, I’m fired up today! Watching this snow start to stick is making me less than happy right now.

    My dog chewed up a Beanie Baby on my bed overnight Monday…I woke up to the beans everywhere…I am still sweeping and vacuuming up those beans. And I also now have muddy paw prints on my clean sheets! Well, they were clean…THe roller blinds keep falling off the window in my daughters room but if I want to her sleep ever and be sane for school I NEED those blinds to do their job!

    Now I am trying to re-prioritize the house needs list. First it was new doors, well I got my front door but not my back. They still need decent weatherstripping but now my floors need to be replaced. The exhaust fan in the bathroom quit and my bethroom is damp. New windows in my bedroom…The list goes on and on…

    But springbreak is coming up in 16 days and even though I will still be working, which is totally fine, I am looking forward to leaving the my peeps home sleepign when I get up and start my day. Also, since my husband is off that week I won’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning! Woo! 16 days…


  8. Ugh. Those kind of weeks are the worst. I think you made the best call in just getting away for a little alone time. Everyone needs that.
    And I’ve definitely missed you on social media lately. xoxo
    chrisgharmon recently her own time


  9. Bless your heart! Hopefully things will turn around for you once you find that pile of mystery poop. Lol!!


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