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What I really think about the Smooth Fitness 9.65TV Treadmill (sponsored) |

What I really think about the Smooth Fitness 9.65TV Treadmill (sponsored)

I’m currently blogging about my fitness journey thanks to my ambassadorship with Smooth Fitness. While these posts are sponsored and I received a super sweet treadmill in exchange for my story, I’m taking this opportunity to get in shape extremely seriously. OK, mostly seriously anyway…


I’ve made it. Almost. Only 4 sleeps and 9 training miles stand between myself and the big 13.1 race this coming Saturday morning. I know the anticipation is killing you, and you’re on the edge of your seat wondering how it’s all going to go down.

Will she chose the Gatorade or water? How will her Lady bits fair? Will they chafe? I wonder if she’ll trip and fall during mile #1. She always falls…

While the conclusion of the race is still TBD, one thing I’m sure of is that I’ve finally logged enough miles (almost 200 since January) to give a comprehensive review of the Smooth Fitness 9.65TV treadmill. You know, feature I just love, and even a few features they could improve upon because nobody’s perfect.


A few loves:

1. It was a piece of cake to assemble. Sure, it was heavy + bulky and we had to bribe our neighbor and her dad with ice cream to help up get the beast in our basement, but once it was down there, it took Michael all of about 40 minutes to have it up and running (pun intended).

2. Long and strong. When shopping for a treadmill, one thing I wasn’t going to compromise on was the length of the track. Michael is over 6 feet tall, which means his stride is longer than average and I wanted him also to be able comfortable use the machine too. The 9.65TV has a generous 64″ running deck, which allows more than enough room for both of us to run together at the same time. Kidding. Don’t do that, you’ll get hurt. But seriously, we could if we were coordinated enough, the track is that long. He’s been running on it a couple times a week, to rave reviews.

3. It has a turd box attached. At our home, we call the TV the “turd box”. Why? Because if you sit on the sofa long enough watching crime show marathons on repeat, you’ll start feeling like a turd from all the lazy. But having a turd box attached to a piece of exercise equipments? LOOPHOLE, BABY! I’ve watched more episodes than I can count of Toddlers and Tiaras while running on the treadmill and I have no regrets. NONE. In the name of cardio fitness, yes I guess I’ll see what Honey Boo Boo is up too. A treadmill with a built-in TV is the only treadmill I ever want to be on.

4. Built-in heart rate monitor. A few posts ago I mentioned how my favorite work-out watch/monitor is the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor. Little did I know that the 9.65TV has a built-in wireless heart rate control when using a Polar chest strap (which is included with the purchase of the machine). This feature keeps me in the “zone” and has really had a hand helping me get the most out of my runs.

5. Sound quality. While in use, the treadmill really isn’t that loud, and I’m surprised given it’s powerful 4.0 continuous horsepower motor. I was prepared for Michael to sound like a charging herd of elephants coming up the stairs, and I was pleasantly surprise that it’s relatively quiet. Even with his tall boy floppy flapjack feet. What I do hear is his MP3 player bumping (Phish! I mean really, who purposely listens to Phish to exercise?) that’s plugged into the treadmill’s dashboard.

A couple improvements that could be made (because this is a honest review, folks):

1. Weird shaped water bottle holders. While the 9.65TV treadmill has plenty of places to hold a drink or iphone (I think like 4 holders), they are a wee bit weird shaped. Maybe I’m just being incredibly fussy, but my bottle always rattles while running because the bottom of the holder is angled.

2. Heart rate monitor display options. As mentioned above, I LOVE that the machine has a built-in heart rate monitor. The thing that bums me out a bit is that if you are using the chest strap (which I like to do), you cannot opt-out of the treadmill displaying your heart rate. And to the best of my knowledge, if your heart rate display is showing, you then cannot see the mileage racking up because they share the same little window and it’s impossible to switch between the two. Clean as mud? Thought so.

3. Sometimes I like to read. Yes I’ve mentioned the TV is simply amazing, but sometimes a gal likes to check in on her celebrity gossip via trashy mag, am I right? A fab addition to the machine would be a little ledge to hold magazines, books, e-readers or what have ya.

Ok, enough talk. I got a half-marathon to prep for. Very important details include finding the most perfect race shirt, planning my spaghetti pre-party, and editing my sweaty girl race day play list. Because if I get to mile 12 and Christina Aguilera’s “Candyman” comes on, I will kill things.

Wish me luck!





  1. Woohoo! Can’t wait to hear how awesome it is on Saturday!
    classyfabsarah recently posted..#SBwed: Month 7


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