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when you only have an instant |

when you only have an instant

Friends and family have been asking me if I plan to keep up with the blog when we move to Belgium. The short answer is YES. The longer answer involves how I can’t find the time to write, how I’m suffering from writers block from being overwhelmed, and whether or not we will even have an internet connection when we get there.

Personally, an existence without the internet is not existence I want to lead, so figuring out how to get mama connected back up with the people that live in her fun box better be top priority.

Also, I love blogging. So yes, in time this place will again become alive.

This month marks the last month our family will be spending in Indianapolis for a very long time, as the movers have officially been scheduled to arrive in just over two week. After we tape up that final box, we’ll be spending some family time road-tripping out to Colorado for a much needed extended family adventure (think horseback riding, rock climbing, white water rafting), then the kids and I will drive up to Michigan for a few weeks of sandy lake side fun, before we fly out for good-good.

It’s all happening so fast. Way too fast. I swear just yesterday this international relocation was ages away. But here we are…

My friend Angie Six is one of my favorite people both in real life and online, and she does this thing where she rounds-up her favorite instagram snapshots from the previous month into a compilation post. Today, I’m shamelessly stealing her idea, since she’s on a plane to Spain anyway, she can’t stop me.

So until I have more time to tell you how I feel and what’s going on, enjoy the insta-update.


1. My youngest sister Betsy got married last weekend. It was an absolute stunning day, and I’m not at all done talking about this one. Post of it’s own to follow later this week, promise-maybe.

2. Ok, just one thing about the wedding. It was at my parents house. You guys, THIS BARN.

3. DIY, FTW. A funny thing happens when you clean out the attic. You find things you totally forgot you had, because you have a *tiny* problem with hoarding. From trash to treasure, Michael and him mom worked hard all Labor Day weekend restoring this 1952 mid-century folding table to it’s former glory. Next stop? The Belgian Breakfast Nook.

4. Orange is the new, um, Black. That’s right folks. I’m almost as obsessed with this huge file cabinet as I am with that show. This tank with awesome original orange and yellow fold-up drawers will house many of the kids toys at the new place. If you’re local to Indy and love awesome old-ish junk, I suggest you check out my friend The Inventorialist. He finds (and sells at the best prices) all the good stuff…

5. The Dog. No, the dog is not moving to Belgium with us. And no, I’m still not talking about it. He hit a *wee* bump in the road health-wise last month, but I think we’ve gotten it under control and he’s prepped to be on his best behavior for his new family.

6. No, YOU need a Knot Genie for that head of hair. Admittedly, I don’t love the zoo. I mean, I’ll go because my kids love it, but seeing animals living behind plates of bullet-proof glass really isn’t my jam. But (BUT!) the Indianapolis zoo recently opened a new exhibit, and it’s possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I give you permission to skip every thing else (especially the reptile house) and go straight to the Orangutan Center and camp out with a lounge chair and some drinks. Orangutans are my new favorite. In fact, I just might trade baby Paul for a hairy baby,  if that hairy baby comes potty trained (also another post for another day).

7. Twelve years. This past month marked the 12th year Michael and I have been married. We spent it hanging out in the backyard, working on projects (see #3), drinking cheap beer while lounging in the backyard kiddie pool. It’s honestly everything I dreamed it would be. No, it actually is.

8. A new path. This spring a new and much needed running/bike trail opened up in our little urban neighborhood. I would love to say I’m taking advantage of it everyday, but alas finding a time to run since the half marathon (also something I want to blog about soon, YOU GUYS I RAN THE WHOLE THING) has been hard lately.

9. The Grand Finale. We’re at that place where we’re experiencing a lot of “lasts”. Last weekly community dinner, last day of school, last day of orchestra, last book club, LAST LAST LAST OF EVERYTHING. Piper finished out her orchestra experience with her dad on stage with her (look back row, he’s the first adult to the left standing up playing his bass) jamming out to Duke Ellington. Dang, I’m going to miss these little musical kids.

So yeah, that’s us in an instant. Go ahead and follow me on Instagram (I’m “designhermomma”), because this blog is totally shoddy at best lately.





  1. Well, technically I’m sitting in the airport in DC waiting for my flight to Spain … but I’m flattered you took my idea which I took from someone else (that’s how the internet works, right?). You, too, are one of my most favorite people in the world, and one of my very first fun box friends. I am so sad that I didn’t get to see you one last time and give you a proper hug before your VERY LONG trip. But hey, if this little trip goes well maybe we’ll just come back and see you. I wish you nothing but the best, both in life and in Belgian beer and chocolate.
    Angie Six recently posted..And We’re Off!


  2. I hope you get back to blogging soon after you move. I love reading your posts! Have a great trip to Colorado. It’s my favorite state but Yellowstone National Park is my favorite place. We just returned from our trip to Golden, CO and YNP last week. Magical, it was. Love the mountains! Enjoy!!
    Amy recently posted..Laundry Room Project


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