Ads & DisclosHER

DisclosHER.  Discloser.  I’m not sure what this means.  All I can answer you is this:

Do you do reviews?
YES. Absolutely!
I do most my reviews on Simple, which is simply the best review site on the Internet.  No, seriously, if you want your review on Simple, I will work it.  My talents include tweeting, facebook’ing and blogging.  I will get the honest & good word out for you. Although, I don’t review just anything.  You must be sweet, and relevant to my life.

If you have a strong desire to see your product reviewed/featured on DesignHER Momma, email me and we can talk.  DesignHER Momma is a place where I typically talk about my feeeeeeelings. Let me know if you think this is somewhere you think you would fit in.

Do you sell ad space?
Yes.  As a matter of fact I do. Contact me at for rates.

Also, if you’re a small business or Etsy owner, let’s just say my rates are exceptionally affordable.

The Miscellany:
Every now and again, I’m offered a experience or giving things in return for my honest opinion.  My opinions will be always honest, because really, honesty is all I got.  Right?

If I didn’t cover something, or you want more information about how I operate, please contact me.  Again, it’s Designhermomma (at) gmail (dot) com.

Media Kit available upon request.